Blue VS Purple Shampoo: What’s The Difference?

Apr 6, 2021

Using a toner can do wonders for your hair colour, keeping it looking shiny and vibrant – but which toning shampoo should you use? We outline the difference between blue vs purple shampoo, so you can choose the right toner for you 

Blue VS Purple Shampoo 

What Does Purple Shampoo Do? 

what does purple shampoo do?


Purple shampoo is a cleansing toner that helps to keep your blonde and lightened hair looking fresh and vibrant. Its purple pigments draw out brassiness and neutralise those unwanted tones, keeping your colour cool and brass-free.   


Does Purple Shampoo Work? 

If you have blonde or highlighted hair – absolutely! Purple effectively neutralises yellow, as they are opposites on the colour spectrum and can counteract each other. 


Purple shampoo benefits natural and dyed blondes, as well as brunettes with lightened hair, including highlights, balayage and ombre 


What Does Blue Shampoo Do? 

Does Blue Shampoo Work  


Blue shampoo is a cleansing toner that helps to keep your brunette hair cool and ashy. Its blue pigments draw out the natural orange and red undertones from your brown hair and instantly knock out those unwanted warm hues 

Does Blue Shampoo Work?  

If it’s an icy, cool brunette colour that you’re after, blue shampoo is for you! Blue effectively neutralises orange, as they are opposites on the colour spectrum and can counteract each other 


Blue shampoo benefits natural and dyed brunettes who don’t have lightened sections. 

Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair 

The easiest way to flaunt a beautiful shade of blonde is to maintain your colour with a purple shampoo and conditioner


Purple Shampoo


We recommend using our Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with salon-strength violet micro-pigments and our patented Opti-PlEX™ technology, they work to knock out brassy tones, whilrepairing and strengthening too. 


Once a week, lather the shampoo into wet hair using glovesthen allow 2 to 5 minutes for the pigments to work their magic before rinsingFollow with the conditioner to leave hair looking blonder and feeling strong, smooth and soft.  



Blue Shampoo For Brunettes 

To neutralise red and orange tones in brunette hair, you can’t beat blue shampoo!


Blue Shampoo


Try the Fudge Professional Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. Boasting our max-strength blue micro-pigments and unique Opti-PlEX™ technology, they instantly knock out unwanted red and orange tones from brunette hair, while repairing and smoothing.  


Once a week, lather the blue shampoo evenly through wet hair using glovesleave for up to 2 minutes, then rinse. Follow with the conditioner for cool brunette colourand strong, smooth tresses. 


When you want to tone your hair, remember that purple shampoo is best for blonde and lightened tresses, while blue shampoo can do wonders for brunettes 


Explore the Fudge blue toning range on our website.  

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