Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

Sep 6, 2021

Can you use purple shampoo on dry hair? It’s something that salon professionals would never advise, but it’s a question that gets asked a lot. At Fudge, we think it’s time to bust these blonde hair myths. Follow our guide to the best way to use toning shampoo and conditioner and take your blonde to a whole new level… 

Can You Put Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

We’ve all wondered whether you can put purple shampoo on dry hair at some point, so we’re here to set the record straight: toning shampoo should only ever be used on wet hair!


There’s an internet rumour that dry hair absorbs purple shampoo better, resulting in enhanced toning. However, while dry hair is more porous, it can’t absorb the shampoo evenly. In short, applying purple shampoo to dry tresses will lead to a patchy hair nightmare. If you want our advice, this is definitely one internet trend to ignore. 

How To Use Purple Shampoo For Best Results 

Forget using purple shampoo on dry hair. If you’re looking to slay your signature blonde for longer, there’s only one way to do it for showstopping results. With our simple guide to using purple shampoo, you’ll forget you ever asked “can you put purple shampoo on dry hair?”.


Step 1: Choose The Best Purple Shampoo For You

With a purple shampoo for every washing routine, at Fudge, we make toning easy.


The Once-A-Week Toner 

If you enjoy a weekly toning session, then FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO is the purple shampoo for you. With salon strength violet pigments and strengthening Opti-PLEX™ technology, you don’t have to choose between toning and treating hair – you can do both at the same time!


To instantly banish brassiness, use once a week in place of your usual shampoo. 


The Daily Washer 

For daily washers who prefer a gradual toning routine, FUDGE EVERYDAY BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO is the solution to your brassy hair woes. A lower concentration of violet pigments makes this purple shampoo perfect for every day washing and gentle toning. Use daily in place of your usual shampoo and say hello to the ultimate icy blonde! With no extra maintenance required, keeping your locks brass-free has never been more straightforward. 


Step 2: Apply 

Having chosen your favourite Fudge purple shampoo, lather the product evenly through wet hair. If possible, wear gloves as the violet pigments can sometimes stain hands.


Step 3: Rinse 

Unlike normal shampoo, we recommend leaving purple shampoo on for up to 3 minutes before rinsing. However, if you’re only after a gentle toning, a minute or so should do the job nicely. 


Step 4: Follow Up With Conditioner

If what you’re after is super-intense toning, forget applying purple shampoo to dry hair and instead follow your shampoo with one of our pigmented conditioners for the best results. Conditioning is a vital step in any haircare routine to keep locks silky smooth, especially when using bleach and colour treatments.


If you swear by a weekly toning session, FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND CONDITIONER is the way to go for stronger, smoother and blonder-looking locks. Salon strength violet pigments knock out brassy tones, while clever Opti-PLEX™ and HairGuard™ technologies work together to reconstruct and smooth tired tresses.


purple shampoo on dry hair


For a gentle toning that is suitable for daily use, check out FUDGE EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND CONDITIONER. Our gentle purple conditioner repairs damaged locks, while gradually removing yellow tones, so you can rock your salon-fresh colour for longer.


Massage your purple conditioner through the lengths of your hair (concentrate on the ends) and rinse thoroughly. 


Step 5: Treat And Protect 

For the ultimate healthy blonde, try the occasional treatment and always use heat protection on your locks. It’s a great way to extend the time between salon trips and save some extra money.


Our CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND TREATMENT is the ultimate blonde hair superhero. Intensive hydration and brass-banishing purple pigments leave locks with an enviable shine. Use weekly or whenever your hair needs some TLC. Simply smooth through your tresses and leave for 2 minutes before rinsing. Your hair will thank you later!


If you’re a regular blow-dryer or a fan of heat styling tools, you need a powerful heat protector to keep dryness at bay. Our VIOLET TRI-BLO defends against heat damage up to a sweltering 230° C while banishing brassy tones. Spray evenly before drying and get ready to experience icy blonde hair with a serious shine.



Using purple shampoo on dry hair is definitely an internet trend to miss out on. Instead, follow our simple 5 step guide to using purple shampoo and you’ll be slaying your best blonde yet in no time. 

How To Use Purple Shampoo Correctly

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