Does Purple Shampoo Work On Grey Hair?

Oct 6, 2021

Whether your silver locks are natural or the result of a salon trip (we love the current trend for platinum tresses!), keeping brassy tones at bay can be a real pain. From sun exposure to colour and toner wearing off, grey hair is (sadly) just as prone to brassiness as blonde locks are.


There’s no need to panic though! Using a purple shampoo on grey hair can help to remove brassy yellow shades, leaving you with a flattering silver undertone. Discover the best purple shampoo for grey hair and how to use purple shampoo on grey hair with our Fudge salon secrets. 

Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Grey Hair? 

The game-changing benefits of using purple shampoo on blonde hair are well known, but did you know that you can use purple shampoo on grey hair too? Smart colour wheel technology means that the violet pigments in purple shampoo attach to any warm yellow tones and effectively cancel them out, leaving your hair the perfect cool grey colour. 

What Is The Best Purple Shampoo For Grey Hair? 

At Fudge, we offer the very best shampoos for showstopping silver locks. Put simply, the best purple shampoo for you depends on your preferred routine. If you’re a daily washer, we recommend a purple shampoo with gradual toning properties that is suitable for everyday use.


Our FUDGE EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO does this and more thanks to its strengthening OPTI-PLEX™ technology that coats each strand of hair to reverse damage. A lower concentration of violet pigments means that brassy tones are gradually removed with each wash, leaving you with the perfect platinum grey. 


purple shampoo on grey hair


If a once a week toning treatment is more your style, then our FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO is the best purple shampoo for grey hair. Simply apply once a week in place of your usual shampoo to banish brassiness for good. This clever formula instantly erases yellow tones and repairs damaged tresses to create the ultimate icy grey. 



How To Use Purple Shampoo On Grey Hair

Now you’ve got the best purple shampoo to hand, it’s time to use it! We’ve made toning simple with our guide to using purple shampoo on grey hair 


Step 1: Apply 

Where possible, we recommend applying purple shampoo while wearing gloves in case of staining. Simply lather the product in your palms and apply to damp hair. 


Step 2: Rinse 

To enjoy the full benefits of using a purple shampoo, don’t rinse immediately. For subtle toning, leave your shampoo in for a minute before rinsing. If you’re after an intensive toning, leave for 5 minutes. 


Step 3: Condition 

If you want truly enviable tresses, no purple toning session is complete without a purple conditioner. At Fudge, we have two purple conditioners for grey hair, so choose the one that suits your washing needs! 


Daily washers should follow their purple shampoo with our EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND CONDITIONER. This multi-talented conditioner keeps your colour looking salon-fresh for longer with gradual toning pigments, while undoing any damage caused by thermal styling and chemical treatments. 


Weekly toners need look no further than our CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND CONDITIONER. Salon-strength violet pigments instantly knock out brassy tones, while OPTI-PLEX™ technology nourishes hair from root to tip. 



Step 4: Treat 

Every now and again, our locks need a little extra TLC. If this is the case, incorporate our CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND TREATMENT into your purple toning routine once a week or as often as needed. This ultra-hydrating treatment deeply moisturises to leave hair silky smooth, while rich, violet pigments cancel out yellow tones. Say goodbye to brassiness and hello to your coolest grey ever!


Step 5: Protect 

To maintain healthy locks, you should always protect against heat when using heated styling tools or a hairdryer. Our multi-action CLEAN BLONDE TRI-BLO SPRAY protects against heat up to an impressive 230°C, while violet micro-pigments knock out yellow tones in a single use. Try it out, your hair will thank you later! 



We don’t want to exaggerate, but the benefits of using purple shampoo on grey hair are pretty life-changing. Don’t let blondes have all the fun! With Fudge purple shampoo, you can slay your healthiest hair ever while flaunting enviably cool, silver tresses. 

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