How Opti-PLEX™ Technology Revives Dry, Damaged Hair

Apr 6, 2021

We’re on a mission to revolutionise your hair! That’s why Fudge hair products include a variety of unique complexes that make tresses look sleek and feel chic. Our Opti-PLEX™ technology found in Fudge shampoo and Fudge conditioner, for example, revives dry, damaged hair, transforming it from dull to dazzling. How? Let’s take a look … 

What Is Opti-PLEX™ Technology? 

Opti-PLEX™ technology is a unique complex found in Fudge shampoo and Fudge conditioner that repairs and strengthens locks, both inside and out.  

Opti-PLEX™ Purple Shampoo


When hair becomes damaged, small gaps appear within the hair cuticle and break the bonds between strands, resulting in frizz, split-ends and flyawaysOpti-PLEX™ technology helps to rebuild those broken bonds. 

How Does Opti-PLEX™ Technology Repair Damage? 

Opti-PLEX™ technology consists of dual-ended molecules. While one end settles into the gaps in your cuticles and builds new bonds within, the other stays on the surface of each strand, regenerating and smoothing hair from the outside. Its particularly effective at treating chemical, styling and environmental damage. 

Opti-PLEX™ technology repairs existing damage and leaves hair up to 95% strongerpreventing future breakage. 

What Are The Other Benefits Of Opti-PLEX™ Technology In Fudge Hair Products? 

As Opti-PLEX™ technology smooths the hair cuticle, it also helps to lock in colour.  


Dying your hair leaves cuticles open, allowing colour molecules to escape. By smoothing them, this complex locks that colour into your hair, keeping it vibrant for longer. 

How To Benefit From Opti-PLEX™ Technology 

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All Fudge shampoo and conditioners (with the exception of our traditional Clean Blonde duo) are formulated with Opti-PLEX™ technology. To make the most of this unique complex, you just need to find the right Fudge hair products for you: 


Say Goodbye To Dry, Damaged Hair 

Hair-mergency? Our Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner are the ultimate cure! Both are formulated with Opti-PLEX™ technology and help to reconstruct bonds that are already broken, while also protecting hair from future damage. 



Achieve Your Healthiest Blonde Yet 

Our Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner are both formulated with Opti-PLEX™ technology and will repair breakage. Plus, they boast powerful violet micro-pigments that knock out brassy, yellow tones. After just one use, hair looks healthier and blonder – it’s a win-win! 


Embrace Your Cool Brunette Colour 

Our Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampooand Conditioner are infused with effective blue micro-pigments that remove red and orange tones from brunette hair, making the colour look deep and cool. The unique Opti-PLEX™ technology also helps to repair and smooth. 


Go Big Or Go Home 

For voluminous hair that will turn heads, you can’t beat our Xpander Gelee Shampoo and ConditionerFormulated with caffeine and ginsengthey help hair to grow faster, thicker and stronger. PlusOpti-PLEX™ technology keeps tresses soft and smooth. 


Flaunt Glossy Hair  

Never struggle with dulllacklustre hair again thanks to our Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. While Opti-PLEX™ technology strengthens hair, the featherlight micellar oil complex gently cleanses and moisturises. Expect your locks to look glossier than ever! 


Thanks to Opti-PLEX™ technology, all Fudge shampoo and conditioners strengthen and repair, leaving you with dazzling tresses that really make a statement. Don’t believe us? Order your Fudge hair products from our website and try them for yourself.

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