How To Keep Your Hair Longer And Stronger

Tired of waiting for your tresses to grow? We feel your pain! That’s why we’re sharing our top tips on how to look after your hair, so you can flaunt long, luscious locks by simply tweaking a few aspects of your daily hair care routine 

How Fast Does Hair Grow? 

Though it will vary from person to person, hair typically grows half an inch every month (or 6 inches every year). While little can be done to increase this number (sorry!)there are a few things you can do to help care for your hair while it grows.


how to grow your hair

7 Tips To Look After Your Hair While It Grows

1. Use A Strengthening Shampoo And Conditioner

Here’s the main takeaway: the weaker the hair, the more prone it is to breakage and the slower it will seem to growSo, consider adding a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to your hair care routine to promote stronger and longer locks 


All of our shampoo and conditioners are formulated with our repairing and strengthening Opti-PLEX™ technology that revives tired, damaged tresses. It penetrates deep into the hair shaft to repair broken bonds and smooth the cuticle. The result? Hair is 95% stronger, 8 times smoother and twice as soft. Try our DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER or explore our range of shampoos and conditioners to see what we’re talking about!  


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2. Add A Strengthening Treatment To Your Routine 

The easiest way to help your hair grow faster and stronger? Use a repairing and strengthening leave-in treatment to condition and reverse damage. 


Our repairing ONE-SHOT treatment is a great choice!  Ideal for damaged, colour-treated and over-processed hair, this protein treatment strengthens and repairs thanks to its nourishing formula of creatine, guarana, wheat and silk proteins. With each use, expect hair to look smoother and healthier.  

3. Brush Wet Hair With Care 

When it comes to growing your hair, minimising breakage is key. So, always brush wet and weak tresses carefully.  


brush hair carefully to prevent damage and help it grow faster

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Start by detangling the ends, then the mid-lengths, then the roots, and avoid brushes with harsh boar bristles. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with rounded, plastic prongs and a vented cushioned base. Less damage = longer hair! 


4. Protect Your Tresses From Heat Damage  

Whether you love a bouncy blow-dry or prefer a sleek and chic look, you no doubt use a lot of heat on your hair, potentially causing split-ends, dryness and brittleness. Don’t worry though, a heat protector will shield from heat damage and pave the way for stronger and longer tresses!


Before styling with heat, apply our AQUA PRIMER onto damp, towel-dried hair to prevent damage. This non-sticky primer not only provides heat protection up to 230°C but is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid to leave hair soft and smooth. You can thank us later!  

5. Swap Out Towels And Pillowcases  

Did you know that drying hair with an ordinary body towel can cause breakage and frizz? Instead, trade in your cotton towel for a T-Shirt or microfibre cloth that is much softer and gentler to prevent friction and long-term damage. 


Another top tip: swap your cotton pillowcases for silk or satin ones. The softer surface causes less friction while you sleep, keeping matted, tangled tresses at bayRemember, healthier hair leads to longer locks!   


6. Use Gentle Hair Ties 

We love an updo, but coarse hair bobbles and clips can damage the hair shaft through excess rubbing, resulting in frizz and breakage. So, you’ve got options: 

  1. Ditch the updo and let your hair down.
  2. Switch your regular hair accessories for softer bobbles made of silk or velvet to minimise friction. 

It’ll make all the difference, trust us! 


how to grow your hair

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7. Get A Trim  

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: healthier hair leads to longer hair. That’s why (though it may sound counter-intuitive) getting a regular trim is essentialNot only will it remove split ends, but it will leave hair feeling thicker, stronger and healthier too 


For best results, we recommend getting a cut every 6 to 12 weeks to maintain healthy hair that will seem to grow faster.  


And that’s how to keep your hair longer and stronger! Remember, preventing and reversing damage is key. Discover all of our HAIR CARE ESSENTIALS on our website.


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