Why You Should Never Skip On Heat Protection

Dec 6, 2021

Having frazzled locks is never a good look, which is why heat protection spray is such an important part of your hair care routine. Using heat protectant for hair is a simple way to start flaunting bigger, better and healthier tresses. 

How Do Heat Protection Sprays Work?

Did you know that applying your favourite heated styling tools, directly on your hair can damage the cuticle and cause the inner protein bonds to break, leaving your tresses in a dry, brittle mess? Don’t worry though! You don’t have to sacrifice your signature bouncy blow dry to get healthy hair.


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Heat protection spray works by creating a protective barrier over your tresses, preventing the cuticle from direct exposure to extreme heat and smoothing the hair’s surface. Our Fudge heat protectant hair spray range is powered by clever Invisi-Shield Technology, which protects against temperatures of up to a sweltering 230°C. 

How To Use Heat Protection Spray

Learning how to use heat protection spray couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply hold the bottle 15 centimetres from your head, spritz generously over towel dried hair, and then style, straighten or curl away. 


If you find yourself wondering ‘how much heat protection spray should I use?’, aim for enough to coat each section of your hair in a fine mist. If you’re blessed with particularly thick tresses, you might find that you need to re-spritz. 

Our Guide To The Best Heat Protection Spray

Whether you’re a self-confessed blow dry addict or obsessed with your statement icy blonde, at Fudge we’ve got the best heat protection spray for all your hair care needs.


Our Best All-Rounder Heat Protection Spray

The perfect companion for any heated styling session, our TRI-BLO HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY is a seriously talented multi-tasker. Our Invisi-Shield technology keeps your locks  smooth and damage-free with an enviable shine. Lightweight and non-sticky, a liberal spritz of this blow dry spray before styling keeps frazzled tresses at bay and offers weightless hold to keep your signature look going stronger for longer.


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Fudge Tip: For tresses that are in need of a little extra TLC, our BLOW DRY AQUA PRIMER contains hyaluronic acid and WEATHER-SHIELD™ technology to give hair a hydration boost while offering protection against heat, frizz and humidity. 


The Best Heat Protection Spray For Blondes

Calling all blondes! Our iconic heat protection spray is also available in a purple toning formula. Boasting the same heat protective powers as our TRI BLO SPRAY, the FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE VIOLET TRI-BLO SPRAY contains salon-strength violet micro-pigments that instantly knock out brassiness to leave you with your iciest blonde yet. 


A Blow Dry Spray For Big Volume

If you’re a fan of a big, bouncy blow dry, look no further than our PUSH-IT-UP BLOW DRY HAIR SPRAY. This anti-frizz, thickening blow dry spray delivers impressive volume, while thermal shields work to protect against heat damage.


Spritz onto damp hair before blow drying as normal, and get ready to take your tresses to new heights. 


So, what are you waiting for? Swap out dry, frazzled locks for seriously shiny, healthy hair by using a heat protection spray before styling. Whether you’re after the best heat protection spray for blondes or a shine-boosting blow dry spray, we’ve got you covered. Trust us, your tresses will thank you for it!


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