How To Hide Blonde Roots At Home

Apr 6, 2021

Six weeks into lockdown and your roots look darker and chunkier than ever (and not in a good way!). Well, it’s time to take things into your own hands. With salons closed until at least April, we show you how to cover up roots at home effectively and effortlessly using a temporary root touch up powder. 

How To Cover Your Roots At Home

Choose Your Root Touch Up Powder

From root touch up powders to cover up sprays and boxed dyes, there are many ways to hide overgrown roots. 


We may be biased, but we think our Root Disguiser is the best temporary fix out there. Boasting a simple integrated brush that discreetly coats your hair in natural-looking micro-pigments, it’s the easiest way to cover up pesky roots until salons open again.


Plus, this root touch up powder is humidity and transfer-resistant, keeping regrowth covered all day.


Select The Right Shade

We’ll let you in on a secret: the key to seamlessly covering your roots is to apply a touch up powder that matches your dyed locks. Luckily, we’ve got 2 blonde shades to suit your needs… 

  • For light blonde hair: Our LIGHT BLONDE ROOT DIGSUISER seamlessly blends into light and strawberry blonde hair, temporarily concealing regrowth until your next trip to the salon. 
  • For dark blonde hair: Our DARK BLONDE ROOT DISGUISER is the perfect choice for dark and dirty blonde tresses, flawlessly hiding overgrown roots.


Apply Your Root Touch Up Powder

The best thing about our Root Touch Up Powder? It’s so easy to use! Here’s how to get your pre-lockdown locks back 

  • Place a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes. 
  • Tap the brush head firmly on a hard surface to release the pigmented powder.  
  • Section your hair into 4.  
  • Apply the powder onto the roots between each section, steadily building and blending the pigments for a seamless and even coverage.  

Fudge Tip: To conceal your roots on the go, keep our root touch up powder and a mini hairspray in your bag. You can style your hair wherever you are – all you need to do is find a mirror!


Wash Out And Repeat

Our root touch-up powder washes out effortlessly, keeping hair fresh and grit-free (there’s nothing worse than week-old powder making your scalp itchy!).


When you next need to cover up your roots, simply repeat the above process for showstopping, salon-worthy tresses. It’s that simple!


Who needs the salon when you know how to dye your roots at home?! Explore our full range of root touch up powders on our website.


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