How To Protect Hair From Pollution And Reverse Damage

Apr 6, 2020

When you venture out into the urban jungle, tiny particles of dust, smoke and pollutantssettle onto your hair and scalp, creating friction between strands. The result? Locks become weaker and duller. Don’t worry though! We’d never let you walk around with anything less than your healthiest and fiercest head of hair. So, here’s a guide on how to protect hair from pollution and reverse any pollution-related damage.   

How To Protect Hair From Pollution 

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Use A Hydrating Shampoo 

To protect your hair from pollution and prevent dirt from settling onto your scalp, opt for a shampoo that washes away build up without stripping your hair of its natural oils. cleansing formula infused with purifying micelles will do the trick, like our Luminizer Moisture Boosting Shampoo. 


It combines a featherlight micellar oil complex with Opti-PLEX™ technology to gently refresh and nourish hair, whilstrengthening and shielding it too. Iadds endless shine, leaving lacklustre strands enviably glossy 


Use A Leave-In Conditioner  

To prevent hair from becoming dry, frizzy and damaged, a repairing leave-in treatment is key. It’s the ultimate way to reverse hair damage caused by pollution. 


We recommend our One Shot treatment. Combining creatine, guarana, wheat and silk proteins, it strengthens, repairs and nourishes, helping to reverse the signs of damage. Spray it onto damp hair and comb throughYou can thank us later! 


Opt For Lightweight Styling Products 

Bad news – thick and heavy styling products can attract more pollution particles into your hair, further trapping dirt and grime. Good news – our styling range includes a whole host of gels, sprays and creams that are lightweight and won’t weigh hair down (we told you we had your back!) 


Our Matte Hed Moudable, for instance, boasts a clay-cream texture that smooths easily through hair and doesn’t weigh it down. It allows you to create your unique look without worrying about pollution damage. Smooth it through your hair to mould, shape and add texture. 


How To Reverse Hair Damage Caused By Pollution 

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Strengthen And Repair 

Did you know that common air pollutants damage proteins in your hair that are responsible for its health and growth? As hair becomes drier, duller and more difficult to manage, strengthening and repairing treatment is essential. 


We recommend our Damage Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo and Conditioner. The ultimate combo for dry and lifeless hairboth formulas boast a unique repairing complex that rebuilds the bonds within your hair shaft to counterbalance damage caused by pollution. This duo builds up your locks’ defences and instantly leaves them 95% stronger! 


Protect Hair From Heat Damage 

As air pollution weakens your hair, you need to take extra care not to inflict further damage. We’d recommend applying a heat protection product before styling.  


Our Blow Dry Aqua Primer is the perfect choice! Blending hydrating hyaluronic acid with our WEATHER-SHIElD™ technology, it protects hair up to 230°C. It also prevents frizz, leaving tresses soft, smooth and jaw-droppingly glossy 


Fudge Tip: Be extra gentle when styling and prepping your hair. Pollution damage can make it susceptible to breakage and split-ends, so take your time when brushing it and work from the ends upwards.  


Add Shine 

If pollution has left your tresses dull and lacklustre, help them to look instantly healthier by giving them a beautiful glossy finish. As we like to say: the shinier the hair, the harder they stare! 


Whether you’re after a finishing mist or hydrating serum, we’ve got you covered:  

  • Hed Shine SprayA blend of jojoba and argan oils, this hair mist instantly adds shine to your tresses. Spray it over hair for a showstopping glossy finish.  
  • Aqua Shine SerumInfused with hyaluronic acid and SHINE-lOCK™ technology, this hair serum smooths away frizz and adds long-lasting shine. Apply it onto dry tresses for hair that looks sleek and chic. 


And that’s how to protect hair from pollutionRemember, prevention is key, but you can also reverse damage thanks to repairing and hydrating products – tame that mane! 

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