How To Keep Your Blonde Hair Cool And Icy

How To Tone Down Blonde Hair

Speak to any wanna-be blonde and they’ll say the same thing: the struggle to keep it bold and bright is real. Dullness and brassiness eventually creep in and steal your shine – but don’t worry! We show you how to tone down blonde hair to keep your colour looking fresh for longer.  

How To Tone Down Blonde Hair Thats Gone Brassy 

#1 Use A Shampoo For Blonde Hair 

An essential for both natural and coloured blonde hair, purple shampoo with a mild toning effect can keep brassiness at bay to help maintain a cool, icy shade 


We might be biased, but we think our FUDGE EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO is one of the best shampoos for blondes. Suitable for daily use, it gradually tones the hair and provides subtle results by preventing pesky yellow tones from ruining your icy blonde look. Plus, it’s formulated with our unique Opti-PlEX™ technology to strengthen and repair hair after chemical treatments and thermal styling. 

#2 Try A Purple Conditioner  

You don’t need us to tell you that healthy hair = hydrated hair. Moisture is particularly important for bleached or colour-treated blonde hair, as strands have likely become dry and damaged. Luckily, a nourishing conditioner can help nurse your hair back to health.  


If you’re using a purple shampoo, follow up with a moisturising purple conditioner that helps to tone the hair, while strengthening and repairing. Our EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND PURPLE TONING CONDITIONER rewinds and reconstructs damage caused by chemical treatments and thermal styling. 


Fudge Tip: Consider using a hair mask once a week for extra nourishment. 

#3 Avoid Hot Water 

Hot water doesn’t just dry out the skin, it can open up hair cuticles and cause the blonde colour to fade. Cold water, however, has the opposite effect and can help to seal the cuticle shut.  


Our top tip? Shower in warm water (not steaming), then rinse out your shampoo or conditioner with cold water to help preserve your blonde, while adding softness and shine. 


#4 Use A Weekly Toning Treatment 

While a shampoo for blonde hair is a great way to prevent brassiness, you might need something a little stronger when the yellow tones start creeping through. Our recommendation? powerful purple shampoo that instantly tones down blonde hair.  


Powered by salon-strength purple micro-pigments, the FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO instantly knocks out brassy tones, while repairing chemical, styling and environmental damage. Apply once a week instead of the Everday purple shampoo for an extra boost of toningThen, follow up with the FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND CONDITIONER for hair that looks blonder than blonde. 

#5 Avoid Overheating Your Hair 

A top tip for all the blondes out there: heated styling tools can make your colour fade. So, before reaching for your straighteners or hairdryer, remember to apply a heat protection spray. Look for formulas with hydrating ingredients that shield up to at least 220°C.   


Our BLOW DRY AQUA PRIMER is the ultimate heat protectant. Not only does it offer heat protection up to 230°C, but it’s formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid and our WEATHER-SHIElD™ technology to protect hair from humidity and frizz. Softer, smoother and shinier hair – with no colour damage – awaits! 

#6 Invest In A Shower Water Filter 

Did you know that hard water is filled with an array of colour-stripping minerals (think magnesium, chlorine, copper, and calcium) that can wreak havoc on your beautiful blonde hair? We’re talking dull, dry and brassy strands.  


So, if you live in a hard water area (those of you who live down south, we’re talking to you), then consider buying a shower head filter that helps to soften the water. It will help to prevent any hard water-related damage. 


Follow these 5 simple tips on how to tone down blonde hair and you’ll stay brass-free for longer.


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