How To Treat Hair Damage: Four Steps To Healthy Tresses

Apr 6, 2020

From switching up your hair colour to flaunting a new haircut, we know your tresses are your way of stating your individual style. Constantly mixing it up though, can cause your hair to become brittle and fragile – but don’t worry! Let us talk you through how to treat hair damage so you can keep it looking healthy and continue to slay those bold looks.

1. Protect, Protect, Protect


Hands up if you use a hairdryer, straighter and/or curlers… yep, we thought so! These wondrous tools have an incredible ability to tame, style and transform your hair. However, they also use a lot of heat which can seriously damage your tresses, causing dryness, split-ends and brittleness. Don’t panic, though, we’ve got the solution: a heat protector!  


Before drying your hair with heat, you should always apply our Blow Dry Aqua Primer. Not only does it provide heat protection up to 230°C, but it moisturises and nourishes your hair too. All you need to do is smooth it through your towel dried hair before blow-drying. Expect soft, smooth and frizz-free locks!   


If you prefer a spray format, though, our Tri-Blo will do the trick nicely. This heat protector creates an invisible shield around your hair, protecting it from the high temperatures of styling tools. We added panthenol (a pro vitamin B5) and MiruStyle™ X-HV into the mix to make your hair feel stronger and look smoother. Just spritz it onto your towel dried tresses before blow drying.  


Fudge Tip: If you have blonde hair, why not opt for Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo? It’s a heat protector and it knocks out unwanted brassy tones for hair that’s blonder than blonde!

2. Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

treat damaged hair with shampoo and conditioner


Shampooing is about so much more than just cleansing – and when you need to treat hair damage, the right shampoo can make all the difference. It can repair, strengthen, and smooth coarse tresses. 


For dry hair 

If you’re struggling with dry hair that has been damaged by excessive styling or chemical treatments, or your tresses just need some TLC, you can’t beat our Damage Rewind Reconstruction ShampooIt combines our opti-PLEX™ and HairGuard™ technologies to restore and smooth damaged cuticles, whilst also protecting your hair colour for up to 30 washes. 


For added shine 

If you want to repair damage and add shine too, it doesn’t get better than our Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo. Not only is it formulated with a featherlight micellar oil complex that gently cleanses, moisturises and illuminates each strand, but opti-PLEX™ technology strengthens your hair, protecting it from future breakage. Your locks will be 80% stronger with 100% more shine!


For more volume 

Yes, our Xpander Gelee Shampoo is infused with strengthening opti-PLEX™ technology too! Plus, it blends Caffeine and Ginseng to give your hair more body instantly. Healthier, more voluminous hair – what more could you ask for? 


Fudge Tip: Another way to reverse damage is to avoid washing your hair too often, as this will prevent natural oils from forming and coating your tresses. Instead, only wash it every other day. Your hair will thank us later!


3. Don’t Forget Your Conditioner

It might seem obvious, but conditioning is one of the most important steps when it comes to treating hair damage. If your tresses don’t have enough moisture, they can become brittle and fragile (a recipe for more damage and more breakage!).  

“The key to getting perfect hair every time is having great condition, a great routine, and taking the time to look after your hair.”

@Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Global Brand Ambassador 


Luckily, we’ve got your hair saviours sorted! All of our above shampoos have their matching conditioners which, when paired together and used regularly, help to restore your hair back to full health. They all boast our unique opti-PLEX™ technology to make your tresses stronger and healthier. 

Additionally, all hair types can benefit from our One Shot Strengthening & Detangling Protein Hair Treatment. Blending a nourishing and repairing complex of creatine, guarana, wheat and silk protein, it conditions and smooths the surface of your hair, strengthening it and helping to reverse signs of damage. Plus, it boasts a silicone complex that helps to shield newly-coloured hair from unnecessary moistureso your colour looks fresher for longer. 


Fudge Tip: For healthy, enviable locks, always towel dry your hair after shampooing and before conditioning. It will help your hair to absorb the repairing ingredients in your conditioner.


4. Colour Care =Loved Hair  

fudge clean blonde


For those of you out there that love to rock those cool blonde tones, you’ll know just how damaging bleaching, dying and lightening your hair can be. Bleached hair is more susceptible to breakage and brittleness – so it’s important you treat and nourish it.


We’d never ask you to sacrifice your bold, individual style to save your hair though! Instead, we combined our incredible Clean Blonde formula with our Damage Rewind range and created the Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo and ConditionerThey not only maintain your luscious blonde but strengthen and repair your tresses too. What’s not to love?


Fudge Tip: If you want to protect your brunette colour, our Cool Brunette Blue Toning Shampoo and Conditioner will erase red and orange tones from brunette hair, for hair colour that looks cooler, deeper and stronger! 


And that’s how to treat hair damage and transform your tresses from dull to dazzling. 


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