New Year, New Hair: 8 Ways To Get Healthier Hair in 2021

Apr 6, 2021

Ready to make 2021 your best hair year yet? Follow our top 8 healthy hair tips and discover how to get healthier hair, so you can flaunt your glossiest tresses yet! Say goodbye to dullness, dryness, breakage and frizz … 

8 Healthy Hair Tips 

1. Brush Your Hair Before Showering 

Take it from us, detangling your hair before wetting it is a guaranteed way to get healthier hair.: 

  • Did you know that knots and tangles can act as a barrier, preventing shampoo from properly cleaning your hair and scalp? Brushing hair first ensures shampoo can effectively work its magic, leaving hair feeling beautifully clean and smooth.  
  • Take note: Hair is a lot more fragile when wetSo, to avoid unnecessary damage, always brush it when dry. You’ll thank us later!  
  • Another fun fact: Brushing dry hair helps to distribute the natural oils from your scalp down to the ends, keeping hair hydrated from root to tip. 

We told you dry brushing was the secret to healthy hair! 


Curly Hair

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2. Use A Strengthening Shampoo 

When it comes to achieving healthier hair, using a strengthening shampoo can make all the difference. Not only will it gently clean your hair and scalp, but it will help to strengthen and protect too. 


All Fudge shampoos are formulated with our patented Opti-PLEX™ technology, a unique complex that repairs and strengthens locks, both inside and out. Its molecules settle into the gaps in cuticles and build new bonds within, while regenerating and smoothing too. You’ll notice the difference after just one wash! 


3Always Apply Conditioner 

Ask any hairdresser how to get healthier hair and they’ll all say the same thing: don’t skip the conditioner. It helps to lock in moisture, repair damage and strengthen strands to avoid future breakage.  


We offer 5 different conditioners (you can explore our full range of conditioners here), but if it’s healthier hair you’re after, we recommend 2: 

  1. Our Damage Rewind Reconstructing Conditioner for dry, damaged hair that needs strengthening, smoothing and softening. 
  2. Our Luminizer Weightless Conditioner for lacklustre hair that needs more shine. 

Fudge Tip: For healthy, enviable locks, towel dry your hair after shampooing and before conditioning. This allows the repairing ingredients to better penetrate the hair shaft.  


4. Take Time For Treatments  

Using a weekly hair mask and a daily treatment can work wonders when it comes to getting healthier hair and keeping strands hydrated and smooth.  


Our One Shot Strengthening & Detangling Hair Treatment blends a nourishing and repairing complex of creatine, guarana, wheat and silk protein that conditionssmooths and strengthens hair, helping to reverse signs of damage. The best part? You don’t need to stand around in the shower getting cold for 5 minutes while it works its magic. Simply spritz onto towel-dried hair, comb through, then dry as normal. 


5Use A Heat Protector 

We love our hairdryers, straighteners and curlers, but using these heated styling tools without a heat protector can seriously damage your hair – split-ends, dryness, lack of shine – you name it! 


A great healthy hair tipApply our Blow Dry Aqua Primer onto towel-dried tresses before styling to moisturisenourish and provide heat protection up to 230°CAlternatively (if you prefer a spray to a gel), our Tri-Blo will do the trick nicely. This heat protector creates a protective shield around the hair, leaving it feeling stronger and looking smoother. Expect soft, smooth and frizz-free locks!    


Fudge Tip: If you have blonde hair, why not opt for the Clean Blonde Violet Tri-BloIt not only offers heat protection, but it knocks out unwanted brassy tones too for hair that’s blonder than blonde! 


6. Don’t Overdo It With The Hair Dye 

If you regularly bleach or dye your hair, you’ll already know that overprocessing can leave tresses dry and prone to breakage. So, to avoid colouring your blonde tresses too often, maximise the time between salon appointments by using purple shampoo once a week. The bright colour cancels out yellow undertones that appear as the blonde shade starts to fade, leaving hair looking cool and vibrant. Our Violet Shampoo will work perfectly! 


Fudge Tip: If you want to keep your brunette hair cool, why not try our Blue ShampooIts blue pigments will knock out the red or orange undertones, ensuring your colour stays fresh for longer.  


7. Regularly Get A Trim 

While the current Covid-19 rules might make this hard to do, another healthy hair tip is to cut your hair every couple of months to ensure your strands stay healthy. If you’re concerned about losing a lot of length, simply ask for a ‘dusting’ to snip only the split-ends and keep your hair looking fresh. 


Natural Blonde curly hair

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8. Avoid Hot Showers 

As relaxing as a steamy shower may feel, the hot water can irritate the scalp and weaken the hair. To avoid breakage and dull, dry strands, keep the temperature warm but not hot, and finish with a quick splash of cold water to boost shine and maintain healthy hair. 


And that’s how to get healthier hair! Incorporating these 8 good habits into your haircare routine will make all the difference, trust us. 

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