A Men’s Guide To Growing Out Hair

Jul 6, 2021

Thanks to male models, actors and influencers (did someone say Pete Wicks?), long hair has become a popular and attractive look for men. From chin to shoulder length and beyond, it’s a trend that’s definitely here to stay. It’s not always quick or easy to reach your desired length, though, so keep reading to find out our top tips on how to grow out men’s hair.



Our Top Tips On How To Grow Out Hair Include:

  • Getting regular hair cuts
  • Washing hair just 1-3 times a week
  • Using conditioners and leave-in treatments
  • Styling with the right products
  • Applying heat protection when styling
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Perseverance!

Men, Here’s How To Grow Out Your Hair

1. Go For Regular Trims

We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but when growing hair out, it’s important to get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. It not only helps to keep frizz and split ends at bay, but actually encourages faster growth.


A quick snip off the ends is all you need for a healthy head of hair that naturally grows quicker. Plus, it’ll keep you looking maintained and presentable during the awkward growing out stage.


men how to grow out hair


2. Take Care Of Your Hair

While shampooing is a crucial part of your haircare routine, hair doesn’t need washing every day. Used too often, shampoo can cause dryness, triggering the scalp to produce more oil than normal and hair to look greasy.


We recommend using a hydrating shampoo 1-3 times a week to keep hair clean and full of life. Our Damage Rewind Shampoo is infused with our repairing Opti-PlEX™ technology to promote strong, healthy hair.


A good rule to stick to is to always condition after shampooing. Match your shampoo with our Damage Rewind Conditioner for frizz-free locks. On days you don’t wash your hair, condition, nourish, soften, and strengthen with our One Shot leave-in treatment.


3. Eat A Healthy Diet

A low-fat, high-protein diet is perfect for long hair. Your body needs essential Vitamins A, B, C, and E for speedy growth. Add these bad boys into your diet by eating:

  • Vegetables – spinach, carrots, cabbage, peppers
  • Fruit – berries, kiwis, peaches, pineapples
  • Protein – chicken, eggs, lentils, nuts, dairy

4. Switch Out Old Products

When you had short hair, you probably used waxes, pomades and clays to style it. While great for short styles, these products are very thick and don’t work as well on long locks.


Switch these heavy products out for a light formula to avoid adding unwanted weight. Why not try our Mat Hed Mouldable? It’s a long-lasting, matte finish hair styling crème that smooths easily through hair and won’t weigh it down. It creates texture and definition and provides flexible, medium hold.


For added volume, body and hold, you can also use our Texture Spray. This lightweight dry mist instantly lifts roots and adds texture, providing non-sticky, volumising all day hold for a dishevelled natural style.


5. Avoid Heated Styling Tools

Styling tools (think blow dryers and straighteners) can be extremely damaging to hair, leaving strands brittle, weak and prone to split ends (all of which hinder growth – and you don’t want that!). We recommend air drying your hair and styling with Salt Spray to create raw texture and body for a natural, heatless finish.


If you’d rather use heat, though, use our Aqua Primer to protect hair from heat damage. It’ll also add loosely defined texture and hold, with natural body and volume.


6. Don’t Give Up

Growing hair can be tedious and difficult, but it’s important to stick with it! Start with the end in mind and have a reference of where you would like to grow your hair to. This will not only help your stylist understand the journey but keep you focused on the process.


Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Global Brand Ambassador says:


” Your hair is going to be hard to manage at times, but this is where you get the chance to try out different looks. Often, I find guys get their hair to where they wanted it in the beginning and then go back a couple of steps to a hairstyle they liked previously. Longer hair and growing your hair is a great way to understand what works for you. When you achieve the perfect length and shape you just know!”


men how to grow out hair


And that’s how to grow out hair! Shop our full men’s hairstyling range now.


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