How To Get Purple Shampoo Off Your Hands

Nov 6, 2021

There’s nothing worse than being ready to flaunt your freshly toned locks only to realise that your toning session has left you with unsightly purple shampoo stains on your hands. No matter how hard you try, or how good your hair is looking, it’s a difficult look to pull off. Don’t panic yet though! If you want to know how to get purple shampoo off hands, we’re here to answer your SOS call. 

Why Does Purple Shampoo Stain Hands?

Purple shampoo contains violet toning pigments, which are essential for banishing brassy tones. When using a stronger toning formula, these violet pigments can leave you with purple shampoo stains for a short while if you’re not careful.


Although it isn’t harmful to your skin, having to explain your purple shampoo stained hands every time you meet someone can get tiring very quickly.


purple shampoo stains

How To Get Purple Shampoo Off Hands 

If you’ve come to this article too late and you’re currently wondering how you can turn the purple hand into a fashion statement (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), here’s how to get purple shampoo off stained hands.


1. Use Makeup Remover

Apply a makeup remover or micellar water to a cotton pad and sweep over any purple shampoo stains until the pad begins to come away clean. This should help to lift the pigment, but don’t be afraid to give your hands a gentle scrub if needed.


2. Wash Your Hands With Oil-Based Products 

Oil is also effective at removing purple shampoo stains, so if you have any coconut oil, baby oil or an oil-based cleanser around the house, give this a go too.


3. Get Your Exfoliating Gloves On 

For any stubborn patches of purple, try using damp exfoliating gloves. Simply put them on, apply a little cleanser or oil and rub your palms together vigorously.


Next time, to keep purple shampoo stains at bay, don’t skip the gloves! Now that you know how to get purple shampoo stains off hands, you can really begin to enjoy the feeling of freshly toned tresses.


How To Use Purple Shampoo And Avoid Purple Stains

Take it from us, prevention is always better than cure. When it comes to your weekly toning session, there are a few things you can do to prevent purple shampoo stains and make sure that you’re turning heads for all the right reasons. Follow our advice on how to use purple shampoo properly and you’ll never have to worry about purple shampoo stained hands again…


Step 1: Choose Your Purple Shampoo 

The first step to any toning routine is choosing the right purple shampoo for you. If you prefer a weekly toning session, then our CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND PURPLE SHAMPOO is the one for you. Infused with clever OptiPLEX™ technology, it knocks out brassy tones for good, while repairing damage for your silkiest icy blonde ever.


purple shampoo stains


For those of you that prefer gradual toning to achieve your favourite icy blonde, our EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO is the way to go. It contains a lower concentration of violet pigments, making it suitable for daily use. 


Step 2: Protect Your Hands 

To leave hands stain-free after your toning session, we always recommend wearing gloves to apply purple shampoo. After all, you’d never apply hair dye or bleach with your bare hands! Even if you use a less pigmented toning shampoo like our EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO, we’d always say that gloves are the safest option for avoiding purple shampoo stains.


Step 3: Apply 

Now that your hands are gloved up, apply your purple shampoo as usual. Leave for a few minutes to work its magic, and rinse. If you’ve misplaced your gloves, wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of soap after shampooing to make sure any purple residue is washed away.


To cause some serious blonde envy, follow your purple shampoo with a toning EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE or CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND conditioner.


By following these steps, you’ll be ready to slay your iciest blonde ever, free from any purple shampoo stain nightmares.

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