Autumn Hairstyles: Create Your New Season Signature Style

autumn hairstyles

When it comes to self-expression, we know how important a bold hairstyle can be. In order to help you create your new season signature style, we’ve put together a little guide on the hottest Autumn hairstyles.  

Autumn Hairstyles: Dual-Textured PonytailFor Long Hair  

Curly Half up Half Down

If there’s one hairstyle for Autumn that screams signature look, it’s the dualtextured ponytail. Sleek on top with a textured finish in the tail, it strikes the perfect balance between elegant and sassy for a truly head-turning style. 


The Curly Hair Method 

If you have naturally curly hair, you’re in luck! You’ll be able to create this Autumn hairstyle effortlessly. 

  • Starting with dry hair, work our Grooming Putty through your tresses from the crown to the nape of your neck. 
  • Slick back the top half of your hair using a comb to smooth out any frizz and control your curls (make sure that you don’t comb the lower part of your hair!). 
  • Tie it into a high ponytail.  
  • Add a spritz of our Texture Spray, then scrunch the ponytail with your fingers to instantly add volume and body.  
  • Finish the look by applying our Aqua Shine Serum onto your slicked back hair to protect it from humidity and frizz, and leave a glossy finish. 

Fudge TipPrep your curls in advance with our Curl Revolution Mist. Its hydrating formula nourishes your hair for added definition, volume and texture. When you wash your tresses the night before creating this look, spray it liberally into your hair before diffusing it dry.  

The Straight Hair Technique 

If you have straight hair – don’t worry, you can create this bold Autumn hairstyle too. Here’s how to pull it off.  

  • Starting with dry hair, work our Aqua Shine Serum through your locks to give it extra shine and smooth any flyaways 
  • Slick your hair back into a high ponytail.  
  • Mist our iconic Salt Spray onto the hair in your ponytail to start adding raw texture and body.  
  • Use hair curlers to create loose waves. Taking inch-wide sections of hair, alternate between curling the hair towards and away from your face.  
  • Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls, and scrunch your tresses. 
  • Fix the look in place using our Skyscraper light to medium hairspray. 

Fudge TipFor added sass, try backcombing your ponytail: tease each inch-wide section of curled hair with comb or brush, working backwards from towards the root. Work your way down the length of your ponytail. This will build serious, showstopping volume.  

Autumn Hairstyles: A Deep Side Parting For Pixie And Bob Cuts 

Autumn hairstyles

Deep side partings are all the rage this season – and it’s no surprise why! This statement look not only highlights your best features (hello, gorgeous eyes and chiselled-looking cheekbones!) but it gives you an edgy-chic look with minimal effort. Here’s how to create the signature style: 

  • Protect your tresses from heat damage by smoothing our Blow Dry Aqua Primer onto your toweldried hair. 
  • Brush your hair until it’s straight, then create a deep parting on your preferred side (we love it when the larger section of hair angles away from the facehighlighting your features!).
  • Using a hairdryer and a small, rounded brush, blow dry your hair straight. Make sure that you pull the hair away from your parting to get that clean-cut finish.
  • Work our Aqua Shine Serum through your tresses to achieve a smooth and shiny finish.

Fudge TipThis bold look works best on pixie and bob cuts, but shoulderlength tresses can pull it off too. Alternatively, discover more Autumn hairstyles for short hair. 

Autumn Hairstyles: Barely-There Waves For Shoulder-Length Hair 

Short Wavy Hair

An adaptation of the laid-back staple Summer style, barely-there waves is one of the best Autumn hairstyles to defy expectations. Here’s how to create the look: 

  • Mist your hair with our heat protection Tri-Blo spray (or our Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo spray if you want to tone your hair too!)
  • Spritz our iconic Salt Spray onto your tresses to start adding raw texture and body to your hair. 
  • Use hair straightener to apply the twirl and pull method: Place an inch-wide section of hair in your straighteners, then turn the iron away from your face whilst gently gliding it halfway down your hair. Release and repeat on the lower half of the same strand. 
  • Repeat all over.  
  • Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls.  
  • Spray our Skyscraper light to medium hairspray through your tresses to set. 

Fudge Tip: For added volume, spritz our Texture Spray onto your roots, then plump your hair with your fingertips.  

Ready to try one of these Autumn hairstyles and create your rule-defying look? Head to our website to buy all the Fudge hair styling essentials!


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