Get The Look: Doja Cat’s Fierce VMAs Twisted Ponytail Tutorial

Get The Look: Doja Cat’s Fierce VMAs Twisted Ponytail Tutorial

It’s been a while since we’ve marvelled at incredible hairstyles from red carpet events, but this year’s VMAs didn’t disappoint! From Miley Cyrus eighties-inspired mullet to Bella Hadid’s throwback-to-the-nineties look, the Music Awards were full of hair inspiration. One of our favouritesDoja Cat’s fierce twisted ponytail. 


Pairing a never-ending low ponytail with artful baby hair, this hairstyle was all about twisted texture and delicate details. Here’s how to recreate the look. 

How To Create Doja Cat’s 2020 VMAs Hairstyle 

Step 1: Gel And Curl Your Baby Hair To Frame Your Crown 

The details are undeniably what make this look so eye-catching. Fortunately, learning how to do your edges and making your baby hair frame your face is easier than you might think. 



  • Starting with dry hair, comb your tresses straight back and tie them into a loose ponytail.  
  • Use your fingers or a small comb to brush your baby hairs forward so that they sit on your forehead and temples. 
  • Carefully coat those baby hairs in our Grooming Putty using your fingertips. 
  • Use a small comb to shape and style small sections of baby hair (a finger-width is plenty). 
  • Comb each section down onto your skin, pulling the hair slightly forward onto your face, before curling it back around and fixing it onto your crown. This should create a loop that goes out from your crown, onto the edge of your face and back.  
  • Repeat around your crown until all the baby hair you initially pulled forward has been styled.  
  • For added detail, apply our Grooming Putty to your sideburns too. Then, use a comb to shape it into a snake-like curl that travels down to your jawline.

Step 2: Slick Your Hair Back 

Now that the details are done and you’ve learnt how to do your edges, you can focus on perfecting the whole look. 

  • Untie your loose ponytail (though be sure to keep your hair back so as not to ruin your newly-styled edges!). 
  • Work our Hair Gum through your tresses from the crown to the nape of your neck. 
  • Slick your hair back using a comb to smooth out any frizz and control flyaways, then tie it into a low ponytail.  
  • Spritz our Skyscraper hairspray onto the crown and the top of your head to fix your hair in place. 

Step 3: Create Your Textured Ponytail 

The grand finale to this headturning look is the twisted ponytail.   


  • For a smooth style without frizz or flyaways, work our Aqua Shine Serum through your ponytail. It will not only smooth down your cuticles but add long-lasting shine too.  
  • Divide your ponytail into two equal sections and twist them around each other.  
  • Secure at the bottom with a hair tie.  

Fudge Tip: If you have shoulder-length hair or shorter, consider tying your tresses into a low ponytail without creating the twist. Instead, spritz your tail with our Texture Spray, then scrunch it with your fingers to instantly add volume and body.

Alternatively, if your hair is too short to tie up, apply our Hair Gum, then slick all of your hair backwards and fix it in place with hairspray. Finish the look with a spritz of Hed Shine to make your tresses look shinier than ever! 

Now that you know how to how to do your edgeand create Doja Cat’s 2020 VMAs lookdiscover more hairstyle ideas 

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