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Apr 6, 2021

Valentine’s Day is here and that means it’s time to dress to impress. This year may be a little different, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking sassy and classy on your date night. Here are our favourite date night hairstyles for you to try out

4 Date Night Hairstyles 

1. Glam Nineties Blow-Out  

Flaunt sassy tresses with this nineties-inspired blow-out. Extra volume equals added drama this date night!  


Nineties Blow-Out Hairstyle

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  • After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply our AQUA PRIMER onto your tresses to protect from heat damage.
  • Work in our XPANDER FOAM to prepare the hair for sky-high volume.
  • From the crown, brush the front section of hair forwards and part in the middle (or, if you have a fringe, part your fringe), then section the back of the hair into 4. 
  • Working on 1 section at a time, roll the hair around a round brush, then move the hairdryer over the hair while pulling the brush downwards, repeating the movement until that section is completely dry.
  • Repeat on each section, working from the under layers upwards and in a circle around your head.
  • For the front sections, blow dry your locks away from your facecreating bouncy curtain bangs. 
  • Spritz our iconic Salt Spray onto the tips of your hair to start adding natural waves, then use a curling wand to curl the ends. 
  • To finish, flip your head upside down and spritz our SKYSCRAPER HAIRSPRAY onto your tressesworking from the front to back, for long-lasting hold.  

Fudge Tip: Add an elasticated headband for a nostalgic touch. 


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2. Sweet French Plait

Trust us, if you’re looking for date night hairstyles that steal the spotlight and show off your styling talents, look no further than the French plait. 


Sweet French Plait

@kathleen_hair On Instagram


  • Work in our AQUA PRIMER to protect from heat damage, then roughly dry your hair, ready for styling.  
  • Once dry, spritz our TEXTURE SPRAY over the hair and roots, working it in with your fingertips.
  • Collect the hair at the nape of the neck, pull towards the left, and divide into 3 even sections. French plait your hair as usual.  
  • To create a messy effectloosen individual sections of the plait.   
  • Spritz your plait with our SKYSCRAPER HAIRSPRAY to set the look and keep it in place all night. 

Fudge Tip: Add some hair jewels to your plait for extra sass.  



3. Soft Romantic Waves 

Is there an easier way to update your look than with soft waves? We don’t think soIt’s one of the best date night hairstyles to make you feel sleek and chic. 


Soft Romantic Waves

@erickinvisible On Instagram


  • Prep your date night hairstyle with our XPANDER GELEE SHAMPOO and WHIP CONDITIONER for light, volumised hair that’s ready to be styled. 
  • Work our AQUA PRIMER onto your tresses for heat protection, then dry the hair ahead of styling.  
  • Apply our SALT SPRAY to prepare hair for future curls. 
  • Use hair straighteners to create loose curls and add volume: Place an inch-wide section of hair into your straighteners, then turn the iron away from your face whilst gently gliding it halfway down your hair. Release and repeat on the lower half of the same strand. 
  • Repeat all over. 
  • Finish off the look with our TEXTURE SPRAY. Spritz onto hair, then work through with your fingertips for lifted roots and a sophisticated look that fudges the rules 


4. The Sexy Slicked Back Look 

Slicked back hair is a timeless sexy look and we can’t get enough of this signature style 


Sexy Slicked Back Look

@erickinvisible On Instagram


  • Slick your hair back with your fingers or use a comb for a sleek finish.
  • Set the look by either 1) rubbing our HAIR GUM between your palms and applying onto clean, dry hair, while massaging the roots to add texture, or 2) if you have finer hair, by spritzing our SKYSCRAPER HAIRSPRAY over your tresses.
  • Spray our HED SHINE onto your locks for an extra glossy effect. 


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