Get The Look: How To Curl Your Hair Like A Pro

Apr 6, 2021

We’re obsessed with voluminous curls! Not only do they suit every hair colour, length and texture, but they’re really easy to create with a variety of hair styling tools. With that in mind, we share 4 ways to achieve bouncy ringlets, including how to curl hair with a straightener, curling wand, curling iron and rollers. Ready? Let’s curl! 

How To Curl Your Hair 

Before we jump right in, there are a few best practices to follow when it comes to curling your hair:  


Choose The Best Tool To Curl Hair 

Not sure which tool to use? It’s largely based on the type of curl you want to create. Large straighteners are best for loose waves, while thin curling irons are ideal for tight ringlets, and a 1-inch-wide curling wand is perfect for soft curls.  


Apply Heat Protector 

Before using a heated styling tool, always apply a heat protector to shield your tresses from damage. Our Tri-Blo spray offers heat protection up to 230°C while adding natural body and volume too. 


Prep The Hair With Salt Spray 

To achieve a Hollywood-worthy finish that will really turn some heads, prep is key. We recommend applying a texturising salt spray just before styling. It will add raw texture and volume, preparing tresses for future curls.  


Set The Curls With Hairspray 

After putting in the effort to create enviable curls, the last thing you want is for them to just fall out. So, always spritz your curls with hairspray before brushing them out. Our lightweight Skyscraper hairspray will keep your curls in place all day long!


Don’t Forget To Add Shine

To elevate your look, why not add a touch of shine-boosting serum to your curls? When they bounce and catch the light, your guaranteed to turn some heads!


Our Hed Shine Spray is the easiest way to create a glossy finish, while our Aqua Shine Serum helps to smooth frizz and adds long-lasting shine!


Boost Your Natural Curls 

If you’re lucky enough to have natural curls, try using a curl-enhancing spray, like our Curl Revolution, to add incredible definition and bounce!


How To Get Curly Hair 4 Ways 

How To Curl Hair With A Straightener 

Hair straighteners create soft Hollywood curls effortlessly: 

  • Section your hair into 4: the front, the back and the 2 sides. 
  • Clip 3 sections to the side. 
  • Take an inch wide piece of hair from the unclipped section and hold it at the tip. 
  • With your other hand, place your straighteners just behind this section of hair and rest it on your roots. 
  • Pull the hair backwards over the straighteners. 
  • Then, pull it to the front again sliding the hair through the plates. The hair should now be wrapped around the top iron. 
  • Clamp the straighteners closed. 
  • Still holding the tip of your section, slide the straighteners towards the ends. 
  • Release the straighteners and curl the hair once around your fingers before letting it rest. 
  • Repeat all over. 
  • Spritz your tresses with hairspray. 
  • Allow the curls to cool. 
  • Gently brush through the curls to loosen them. 

How To Use A Curling Wand 

Similar to a curling wand but without the clip, a curling wand is the ideal tool for tight ringlets: 

  • Section your hair into 4: the front, the back and the 2 sides. 
  • Clip 3 of them to the side. 
  • Take an inch wide piece of hair from the unclipped section and hold it at the tip. 
  • In your other hand, hold the curling wand vertically at the side of your head. 
  • Wrap the hair around the wand starting at your eyebrows and leave an inch ounwrapped hair at the bottom. 
  • Hold the hair for 3 to 5 sections, then release. 
  • Repeat all over. 
  • Spritz your tresses with hairspray. 
  • Allow the curls to cool. 
  • Gently brush to loosen the curls. 

How To Use A Curling Iron 

Unlike a curling wand, a curling iron has both a barrel and a clip. We love the way it effortlessly creates spiral curls.  

  • Section your hair into 4: the front, the back and the 2 sides. 
  • Clip 3 of them to the side. 
  • Take an inch wide piece of hair from the unclipped section and hold it at the tip. 
  • In the other hand, hold the curling iron so that the clip faces ahead of you and the barrel faces the wall behind you. 
  • Place the hair between the clip and the barrel about an inch away from your roots and clamp down. 
  • Curl the iron away from your face. 
  • Gently release the clip and keep curling the iron into your face, then clamp down again. 
  • Repeat until the whole section is wrapped around the barrel. 
  • Hold for 5 seconds, then release. 
  • Catch the curl as it drops, hold it in your hand for 5 seconds, then lay it to rest. 
  • Repeat all over. 
  • Spritz your tresses with hairspray. 
  • When the curls have cooled, gently brush to loosen and style them. 

How To Use Hair Rollers 

The more traditional approach, hair rollers are a great way to add volume and subtle curls: 

  • Start with slightly damp hair. 
  • Spritz your whole head with Salt Spray to start adding raw texture. 
  • Take an inch wide section of hair from the front and comb it upwards. 
  • Place a roller at the tip of this section and role it down towards the roots. 
  • Repeat down the middle of your head, then down the sides, alternating between curling on the right, then on the left to achieve an even result. You’ll need large rollers for the top of the head, medium-sized ones for the middle section and small ones for the underneath.  
  • When all your hair is in rollers, spritz another coat of salt spray over the top. 
  • Leave the hair to dry for at least 2 hours. 
  • Gently remove the rollers, starting at the bottom. 
  • Spritz the hair with hairspray. 
  • Gently brush out the curls. 

And that’s how to curl your hair 4 ways! Try each method to find the one that works for you.

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