Get The Look: Reese Witherspoon’s Emmy Awards Hairstyle

Apr 6, 2021

There may not have been the usual glitz and glamour at this year’s virtual Emmy Awards, but the hairstyles were still red carpet-worthyFrom Kerry Washington’s twenties-style short, sleek bob to Oprah’s voluminous, flowing hair and Zendaya’s elegant low bun, the awards ceremony offered show-stopping hairstyles that are setting the trend for Autumn. One look that really caught our eye? Reese Witherspoon’s glossy waves 


Curly Hairstyle

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Flaunting a deep side parting with soft vintage curls, this hairstyle is both elegant and classy. Here’s how to recreate it. 

How To Create Reese Witherspoon’s Emmy Awards Look 

Step 1: Enhance Your Blonde 

If you don’t have blonde hair, skip straight to step 2. 


Reese Witherspoon’s glossy blonde hair is undeniably what makes her Emmy Awards hairstyle (and, let’s be honest, all her other ones too) so iconic. Fortunately, we have the toning essentials you need to achieve your most enviable blonde yet.  

Formulated with powerful violet micro-pigments, this shampoo and conditioner keep your cool, blonde colour looking fresh and vibrant! Just remember to wear gloves when applying them 


Top tipIf you want your blonde locks even lighter, follow up with our Violet Tri-Blo spray. Spritz it evenly onto towel-dried hair to instantly knock out any remaining brassy, yellow tones. 


Step 2: Prep Hair   

Now that your blonde colour is brighter and bolder than ever, you can focus on styling.  

  • Brush your hair until it’s straight. 
  • Create a deep parting on your preferred side (we love it when the larger section of hair angles away from the face, highlighting your features!).   
  • Protect your tresses from heat damage by smoothing our Blow Dry Aqua Primer onto your towel-dried hair. This hairstyling essential will control frizz, creating a soft, smooth and glossy finish. 
  • Using a hairdryer and a small rounded brush, blow dry your tresses and pull the hair away from your parting to get that clean-cut finish. Your hair should be roughly 90% dry.  


Step 3: Create Waves 

The grand finale to this head-turning look? The soft, vintage waves! 

  • Apply our Salt Spray to add texture and volume to your hair. It will also help to set the curls.  
  • Use hair curlers to create loose waves. Alternate between curling the wand towards and away from your face.   
  • Spray our Skyscraper hairspray through your tresses to set the waves.  
  • Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. 
  • For a Reese Witherspoon-worthy finish, apply our Hed Shine hair oil mist spray. It will Instantly make your hair look glossier than ever. 

Top tip: To create Reese Witherspoon’s wet roots effect, smooth our Hair Gum styling gel along either side of your deep parting. Apply it sparingly, working it through the top section of your hair until you’ve achieved the desired wet-look effect. Reese would be proud!


And that’s how to recreate Reese Witherspoon’s 2020 Emmy Awards hairstyle! For more celebrity-inspired looks, check out more on our blog.


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