Get The Look: Sandy from Grease Hair Tutorial

Apr 6, 2021

The very definition of a showstopping look, Sandy’s hair at the end of Grease is iconic. Now, the hairstyle is making a modern-day comeback, with celebrities from Love Island’s Molly Mae and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, to Khloe Kardashian and JLo all flaunting this Sandy-inspired look. Want to sport Sandy’s Grease hair too? We show you how with this tutorial…

How To Create Sandy’s Grease Hair 

Curly Bouncy Hair

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Creating Sandy’s Grease hair requires a lot of heat and hold, so prep is essential.    

  • After washing and conditioning, protect the hair from heat damage with our Blow Dry Aqua PrimerInfused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, its lightweight formula helps to shield the hair from up to 230°C, tames frizz, and creates a soft, glossy finish. Simply smooth over towel-dried tresses 
  • Before blow drying, prep the hair for incredible volume with our Xpander Foam Volumising Hair MousseApply from root to tip, for locks that appear up to 180% thicker and fuller. 
  • Blow dry with a diffuser until the hair is roughly 90% dry. 


Step 2: Curl 

Curly Hairstyle

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  • To start adding raw texture and prepare the hair for future curls, spritz our iconic Salt Spray onto your tresses.  
  • Create a deep side parting on the left, then section the hair into at least 9 segments (the more segments you create, the tighter the curls will be!)We recommend creating 3 sections at the front (1 on the left of the parting, 2 on the right), 3 in the middle (1 on the left of the parting, 2 on the right), and 3 at the nape of the neck (again, 1 on the left of the parting, 2 on the right). Pin up each section. 
  • Starting with one of the sections at the nape of the neck, use hair curlers to create a tight curl. Spritz with Skyscraper hairspray, then pin back up.  
  • Repeat on the other 8 sections, alternating between curling the wand towards and away from the face.    

Expert Tip: If you’re lucky enough to have natural curls, use our Curl Revolution Mist to create beautiful definition, natural volume and texture. You can find out more about how to care for curly hair in this article: How To: The Curly Girl Method.


Step 3: Finishing Touches 

Curly Hairstyle

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  • Unpin all of the curls and brush them out with your fingers.  
  • Brush the hair on the left side of the parting back 5cm. Apply our Hair Gum onto this slicked-back section to smooth and keep the hair in place, then secure with a bobby pin.  
  • Finish by spritzing your whole head with Skyscraper hairspray 


And voila – you’ve created a Sandy-inspired hairstyle with a modern twist! Oh and remember, no Sandy’s Grease hair is complete without a bold red lip and a sassy attitude


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