Hairstyles For A Bad Hair Day: How To Fix A Bad Hair Do

Apr 6, 2021

Halloween might be just around the corner but that’s no excuse for hair horrors to ruin your day. Whether you’re struggling with bed head, second day hair or you’re just looking for hairstyles for a bad hair day, here are our top tips to remedy your bad hair do and keep slaying your sassiest looks.  

Hairstyles For Bad Hair Day 

Slicked Back Hairstyle


Greasy Hair? Fake The Wet Look 

When hair looks a little greasy but there’s no time to wash it, pretend the oversight was intentional and create a wet look. It’s the ultimate hairstyle for a bad hair day!

Spray hair with water to dampen it, then apply our Hair Gum sparingly, and comb tresses backwards. Long hair can be smoothed down for a sleek finish, while shorter hair can be tousled for a spiky wet look.


Woke Up With Bed Head? Opt For Beachy Waves 

If you fall asleep with salon-worthy, sleek hair, but wake up to find that kinks and bends have formed overnight, don’t worry! A salt spray can hide a multitude of sins.  


Formulated with giant sea kelp, red algae and ocean salt minerals, our Salt Spray adds texture and body, creating gorgeous beachy waves. Spritz onto dry hair, then scrunch to form curls. No one will ever know! 


Curls Won’t Cooperate?  

Calling all curly-haired girls! If you’re looking for hairstyles for a bad hair day because your ringlets lack bounce, we’ve got the solution! Our Curl Mist will revolutionise the look and feel of your curls! 


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It provides your tresses with long-lasting moisture and creates beautiful, defined curls with natural volume and a healthy shine. Dampen hair, spray the mist, then scrunch and leave to air dry. 


How To Fix A Bad Hair Do 

Blonde Curled Hair


Revive Dry Tresses  

Nothing causes a bad hair day like dry locks that look damaged and lacklustre. Your quick fix solution? Our One Shot hair treatment. It’s the ultimate leave-in conditioner!  


It blends a nourishing and repairing complex of creatine, guarana, wheat and silk proteins to strengthen, repair and hydrate. Spray onto hair, then comb through. Dry, damaged tresses will instantly look smoother and healthier. 


Make Lacklustre Hair Glossy 

Don’t let lacklustre hair kill your vibe. Instead, lock in some serious shine with our Hed Shine mist spray. Infused with jojoba and argan oils, it makes hair look glossier than ever. Spritz it over your finished look and rake those compliments in! 


Control Frizz 

Don’t let a frizzy mane ruin your individual style. Smooth those flyaways and achieve a sleek, glossy finish with a styling serum.  


Our Aqua Shine Serum is the perfect tool! Infused with hyaluronic acid and our unique WEATHER-SHIElD™ technology, it smooths erratic strands and adds endless shine.  


Protect From Heat Damage 

We know how much a great hairdo can boost your confidence. That’s why protecting your tresses from damage is so important!  


Our Blow Dry Aqua Primer is the ultimate first step to any blow dry. Infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, its lightweight formula smooths frizz and creates a soft, glossy finish. It also protects hair from temperatures up to 230°C. 


Plump Up Flat, Lifeless Hair  

They’ll be no need to search for “hairstyles for a bad hair day thanks to this technique! Revive flat, lifeless hair by adding head-turning volume with the ultimate duo: 

  1. Use our Elevate Hair Powder to lift your roots and add volume. Apply directly onto the roots and tease through with your fingers to create a plumped effect (no need to backcomb!).
  2. Mist our Texture Spray over your tresses to add texture and body. Flip your hair upside down and spritz all over, then work it in with your fingertips to amplify your look. 

These hairstyles for a bad hair day will transform your tresses, making bad hair dos a thing of the past!

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