The Lowdown On Styling Short Hair Four Ways

Apr 6, 2020

Short hair is boring because you can only wear it one way, right? Wrong! From beachy waves to big blow dries and smooth, slick straight tresses, we give you the lowdown on styling short hair and creating headturning looks 

Styling Short Hair Four Ways 

1. Beachy Waves For Shoulder Length To Cropped Hair

how to create beachy waves

That laid-back LA vibe – beachy waves never go out of style. Here’s how to create the cult look:

  • Mist your hair with our heat protection Tri-Blo spray. 
  • Then, spritz our iconic Salt Spray onto your tresses to start adding raw texture and body to your tresses (if you have cropped hair, work our Surf Paste through your tresses instead). 
  • Clip up the top half of your hair, then use hair curlers to create loose waves on the lower section of your tresses. Alternate between curling the wand towards and away from your face.  
  • Repeat on the top half of your hair. 
  • Spray our Skyscraper light to medium hairspray through your tresses to set the waves. 
  • Next, run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls.  
  • Finish by spritzing your hair with our Texture Spray. Then, use your fingers to plump up the roots and add oomph to your look.

Fudge Tip: To maintain your beachy waves on second-day hair, spritz a touch of Salt Spray onto your tresses, then scrunch to enhance the waves and leave to dry.


“Short hair is so much more versatile,  as it allows you to create different looks much more easily. It can be as simple as switching up a product or 2 to get a whole new look”

@Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Global Brand Ambassador


2. A Big Blow Dry For Shoulder Length To Bob Cuts 

how to style short hair

When it comes to volume, the bigger the hair, the harder they stare. Here are our tips on styling short hair for a voluminous blow dry.  

  • Smooth our Blow Dry Aqua Primer into your towel dried hair to protect it from heat damage. 
  • Then, to add more volume to your blow dry, apply our Xpander Foam evenly through your damp hair.  
  • Next, roughly dry your hair to about 80% whilst massaging and lifting your roots with your fingertips. 
  • Then, take the front section of your hair, comb a big round brush through it and bring it forward to cover your face, whilst gliding the hairdryer along your hair. Repeat until you’ve brought all of your hair forward. 
  • To finish, flip your hair back and set it in place with our Skyscraper extra firm hold hairspray, working from front to back. 

Fudge TipFor an even glossier finish and for added luminosity, spritz our Hed Shine onto your finished look.


3. A Sleek, Straight Look For All Hair Lengths 

how to straighten short hair

Looking to switch up your look? Sleek, straight hair really makes a statement – and it’s one of the easiest ways of styling short hair.  

  • Smooth our Blow Dry Aqua Primer into your towel dried hair to protect it from heat damage. 
  • Then, spritz our Push It Up Blow Dry Spray through your tresses. Focus on the roots to give your hair long-lasting lift throughout the day.   
  • Section your hair into three (the sides and the back), then blow dry your hair straight using a big round brush. Start at the back of your hair and work your way round. Oh, and if you want the sleekest finish possible, keep the nozzle of your hairdryer parallel to the handle whilst drying your hair.  
  • For even more wow-factor, lift your roots using a smaller round brush and direct the hairdryer upwards. This will add just a touch of volume.  
  • Finally, set it in place with our Skyscraper light to medium hairspray.  

Fudge Tip: For an even sleeker finish, apply our Aqua Shine Serum onto your dry hair to smooth flyaways and frizz, and lock in incredible shine that lasts all day.


4. A Slicked Back Style For Pixie Cuts 

styling short hair

If you have cropped hair or a pixie cut, you won’t find a more edgy style than this cool, slicked back look.

  • Smooth our Blow Dry Aqua Primer into your towel dried hair to create a protective cushion around your tresses and protect them from heat damage. 
  • Using just a hairdryer and your fingers, blow dry your hair whilst pushing it back away from your face.
  • To keep your hair in place, apply our Hair Gum onto dry hair, working it through with a comb for a sleek finish.
  • For extra bling, some oversized clips into your hair to accentuate your hairline.  

Fudge Tip: Our Hair Gum can also be applied directly onto damp hair to create a wet look. 


Start your week with a sleek, straight look then switch it up with a big blow dry to keep defying expectations and show the world that your style is every style. 

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