How To Dry Curly Hair With And Without Heat

Calling all members of the curl gang! Time to unite and banish frizz for good with these game-changing tips on the best ways to dry curly hair. We’ve got all the answers about how to dry curly hair both with and without heat. 

Prep Is Always Key

First things first, whatever your chosen drying method, the key to seriously fierce curls lies in using the right shampoo for your hair texture. As anyone blessed with curly locks knows, keeping dryness at bay sometimes feels like a full-time job. 


Look out for a lightweight but richly moisturising shampoo like our LUMINIZER MOISTURE BOOST SHAMPOO to keep hair hydrated and bouncy. Never skip on conditioner either, as it repairs and smooths the hair follicles to help tame frizz. The FUDGE LUMINIZER WEIGHTLESS CONDITIONER does this and more with its superior Smoothing-Swish™ technology (we’re not biased, we promise). 

How To Use A Diffuser For Curly Hair 

Some people swear by leaving their tresses to air dry for maximum impact bounciness. However, if you are short of time and don’t want to go out with wet hair, or are lucky enough to rock a head of thick and plentiful curls, you might find that a diffuser suits you best. 


Fudge Curl Mist

What Is A Diffuser? 

Used correctly, a diffuser is a curl’s best friend. A hair diffuser is a round hairdryer attachment that separates strands of hair and distributes air to create showstopping volume. If you’re after a faster drying time and some enviable bounce, then a diffuser is the way to go. 


Step 1. After Washing, Partially Dry Hair With A Towel 

When towel-drying, always use a gentle patting motion to prevent breakages and unwelcome frizz. Using a microfibre towel can also help to prevent damage-causing friction. 


Step 2. Use A Heat Protector 

Our XPANDER FOAM Volumising Hair Mousse offers serious heat protection up to a sweltering 230°C and is essential if you’re after a long-lasting curly blow dry. Use your fingers to work the product into your hair before drying to visibly increase hair density up to 180% and make hair look and feel fuller root-to-tip. Trust us, your curls will be transformed! 

Step 3. Get Diffusing  

Flip your head upside down and place a handful of curls in the diffuser. Trust us, drying upside down is the secret to creating showstopping volume at the roots.  


Turn the diffuser on and work through your hair in sections, repeating until dry. Make sure to keep your hair dryer on a high heat but low power to help banish frizz. And voila! You’ve got the perfect bouncy blow dry for seriously enviable curls. 

How To Dry Curly Hair Without A Diffuser 

If you prefer to avoid using heat on your hair, then don’t worry! You can get equally eye-catching results by leaving your curls to air-dry. With a helping hand from our hydrating, curl-friendly products, you won’t believe how easy it is to create a statement look. 


Step 1. Wash Those Curls 

Wash hair as normal, preferably with a lightweight, moisturising formula, like our LUMINIZER MOISTURE BOOST SHAMPOO AND WEIGHTLESS CONDITIONER. 


After washing, remove excess moisture by patting hair dry with a towel. Separate any tangles using your fingers instead of a brush to prevent damage. 

Step 2. Use A Hydrating Mist 

Say goodbye to dry and dull locks for good with a little help from our CURL REVOLUTION HAIR MIST.  This curly hair superhero nourishes dry tresses, banishes frizz with clever Weather-Shield ™ technology, and holds curls in place, so you can slay your signature look for longer. Simply spray generously over damp hair. 

Step 3. Look But Don’t Touch! 

After spritzing with hair mist, give your curls a good scrunch and then leave them alone! Give them time to dry and you’ll soon be ready to turn heads with beautifully defined, bouncy curls. 


Fudge Tip: If your locks are craving some extra TLC, we recommend applying a leave-in treatment after rinsing out your conditioner. The Fudge ONE SHOT HAIR TREATMENT nourishes and detangles, making it the perfect treat for your curls, whatever your preferred drying method. 

And there you have it! With our top tips on how to dry curly hair, you’ll be rocking enviable, sassy locks in no time.


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