A Men’s Guide To Hair Styling Essentials

Aug 6, 2021

Believe us, we know how important it is to keep a fresh trim in check. Luckily, at Fudge, we provide the goods with our range of hair products for men. Whatever length or style you’re sporting, you can be sure that we’ve got the best waxes, clays, pomades, and sprays to style your hair. 

Hair Products For Men

Whether you prefer a sleek skin fade or a long surfer look, we’ve got you covered with the best hair products for men. 

  1. Hair Wax For Men
  2. Hair Pomade For Men
  3. Hair Putty For Men
  4. Hair Cream For Men
  5. Styling Clay For Men
  6. Salt Spray For Men
  7. Salt Paste For Men
  8. Medium Hold Hair Cream For Men
  9. Volumising Powder For Men
  10. Hair Mist For Men
  11. Men’s Hair Spray

About These Hair Products For Men 

Our game-changing waxes, pomades and clays for men ensure that your signature short hairstyle stays in place all day. Sporting longer hair? Our lightweight styling sprays and creams keep longer hair tamed while adding volume to make your cool, disheveled look last.



A Men's Guide To Growing Out Hair


A Men’s Guide To Growing Out Hair

Men, discover how to grow out your hair with our top tips and tricks for long, healthy locks.

By Fudge Professional


1. Best Hair Wax For Men: FUDGE HAIR SHAPER 

Designed with shorter hair in mind, this medium hold hair wax for men adds texture while keeping tresses firmly in place. 


After a semi-matte finish with medium hold? Look no further than our texturising wax. Designed to give hair an artfully undone, lived-in look, you’ll be turning heads all day long. To use, run the product through hair and texturise, mould, or shape your own iconic style. 


2. Best Hair Pomade For Men: FUDGE VINYL POMADE 

Perfect for shorter styles, our hair pomade for men conditions, holds and delivers showstopping shine.


Our FUDGE VINYL POMADE creates sculpted styles and holds them in place while delivering an enviable veneer shine. Infused with nourishing coconut oil, this powerful pomade works to condition and smooth hair. Simply run the pomade through your hair and get styling. 


3. Best Hair Putty For Men: FUDGE GROOMING HAIR PUTTY 

This lightweight 2-in-1 styling putty for men builds body and texture in shorter styles for the ultimate groomed look.


If you’re after serious body with lightweight texture, smooth this putty for men through damp hair before drying with a hairdryer. Alternatively, if smooth and controlled locks are more your style, work through dry hair to mould into place. 


4. Best Men’s Hair Cream For Shine: FUDGE FAT HED 

This ultra-light hair styling cream for men creates shine, texture and flexible hold in shorter hair.


Keep turning heads with Fudge Fat Hed and define your own statement style. Making the most of our medium hold cream is easy. Simply work through dry hair and style as desired. 


5. Best Styling Clay For Men: FUDGE MATTE HED EXTRA 

For a short hair look that’s not going to budge, our matte styling clay for men is the way to go.


A powerful duo of kaolin and bentonite clays absorb any moisture to ensure a super-strong, dry and matte finish. Even humidity is no match for this high hold clay, with polymers and waxes providing an undefeatable hold. To use, apply to hands and distribute evenly through your hair before styling as desired. 



6. Best Salt Spray For Men: FUDGE SALT SPRAY 

This salt spray for men builds enviable texture and volume in longer hairstyles.


Beach waves aren’t just for summer with FUDGE SALT SPRAY. Giant sea kelp, red algae and ocean salt minerals work together to build impressive texture and body, and banish flat hair. Clever UVisiShield technology provides all-important UV protection to prevent damage and dryness, whether you’re fresh out of the ocean or way above sea level.


Apply to damp or dry hair, then scrunch to enhance natural waves.  


7. Best Volumising Hair Paste For Men: FUDGE SURF PASTE 

Perfect for shorter styles, this hair paste for men creates body and texture.


For those of you blessed with natural waves, FUDGE SURF PASTE is a texturising matte styling product to help tame wayward tresses. Ocean salts and nourishing Japanese sea kelp provide enviable texture and volume, while UVisiShield technology and hydrating shea butter strengthen and protect. Simply run the product through damp or dry hair and scrunch to boost your natural waves. 


8. Best Medium Hold Hair Cream For Men: FUDGE MATTE HED MOULDABLE 

Thanks to its weightless formula, our long-lasting, medium hold styling cream for men is ideal for longer hair.


With MATTE HED MOULDABLE’s unique clay-cream texture, you can tame your mane without sacrificing volume. FLEXI-FIBRE technology provides a medium but flexible hold, while CLIMATE-CONTROL shield provides all-important humidity protection. To use, massage the product between your palms and smooth evenly through the hair before styling 


9. Best Volumising Powder For Men: FUDGE ELEVATE POWDER 

Giving extra height to even the finest of hair, this lightweight volumising powder for men adds instant volume and texture.


Love your signature long locks but hate flat roots?  FUDGE ELEVATE POWDER is the solution to all your flat hair woes. For maximum impact, shake onto dry hair at the roots and tease through with your fingers. 


Fudge Tip: If you struggle with thinning on top, give our XXL HAIR THICKENER a go for an instantly fuller-looking head of hair. It’s the ultimate hair thickener for men! 



Revolutionise longer curly hair with our anti-frizz and hydrating hair mist for men.


Our lightweight spray hydrates and defines curls, promoting healthy-looking volume and shine. WEATHER-SHIELD technology banishes frizz to make styling curly and wavy hair a walk in the park. Spray generously all over your hair and leave to dry naturally or use a diffuser. 


11. Best Men’s Hair Spray: FUDGE MATTE HED GAS

Lock your style in place all day long, whatever length hair you’re sporting.


Our hair spray for men holds hair firmly in place while providing a dry, matte finish. Even humidity is no match for this texturising men’s hair spray. To use, spray 15cm from the head over your finished style for super strong hold that lasts all day.


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