Daring Dirty Blonde Is THE Colour For Autumn

Oct 6, 2021

Is dirty blonde hair with highlights your go-to shade? Whether it’s your natural colour or you’ve put in some serious salon time (shh, we won’t tell), flaunting dirty blonde hair is always guaranteed to turns heads, especially over the autumn months. Regardless of whether your dirty blonde hair colour is natural or thanks to a little professional help, there are plenty of ways to brighten blonde tones naturally and take your tresses up a level. 

What Is Dirty Blonde Hair?  

Dirty blonde hair is the perfect option if you want to rock a blonde look without the maintenance or root touchups required for platinum shades.


Made up of a blend of darker blonde tones, from ashy blonde to light brown, a dirty blonde hair colour is a great way to give your locks depth and dimension. From a balayage to light blonde highlights over brunette, there’s a dirty blonde for everyone.  

How To Get Dirty Blonde Hair 

For those of us who aren’t blessed with natural dirty blonde hair, the good news is that it’s easily achievable at the salon. If you’re a brunette, adding sandy lowlights and paler blonde highlights throughout your natural colour will create the enviable dimension that’s characteristic of a dirty blonde.


For the natural blondes among you, the addition of ashy undertones with gold and beige highlights will create the desired depth and the perfect darker blonde for the cooler autumn months.


shampoo for dirty blonde hair


The best part about embracing a dirty blonde hair colour for autumn? The minimal upkeep it requires! Unlike with the platinum blonde colour often favoured in summer months, root growth is almost unnoticeable in darker dirty blonde shades, meaning you can go longer between salon appointments. 

How To Lighten Dirty Blonde Hair Naturally

If you find that your blonde, whether natural or a well-kept salon secret, is looking lacklustre or loses its vibrancy over winter, then you’re in luck! By using a toner-free shampoo for blonde hair, you can brighten blonde tresses without using chemical treatments. After all, the key to getting a dirty blonde hair colour that really turns heads is building contrast between ashy undertones and lighter blonde highlights.


Use A Shampoo For Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights

Taking dirty blonde hair to the next level has never been so simple. By using FUDGE ALL BLONDE COLOUR BOOSTER SHAMPOO, you can revitalise dull blonde locks without having to add another step to your haircare routine. Simply replace your usual shampoo with our clever COLOUR BOOSTER SHAMPOO formula to witness naturally brightening lemon extract work its magic.


dirty blonde hair


If you’re looking to prolong salon colour at the same time as giving your locks a brightening boost, try our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK SHAMPOO. This shampoo for blonde hair promotes vibrancy while preventing colour fade for up to 10 weeks, meaning that you can go longer between appointments.


Both our ALL BLONDE SHAMPOOS are infused with repairing OptiPLEX™ technology to ensure that you’re not only flaunting your best dirty blonde hair colour, but also your healthiest tresses ever. 


Use A Brightening Conditioner 

For the best results, we always recommend pairing your favourite brightening ALL BLONDE SHAMPOO with our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK CONDITIONER. Its colour-protecting formula puts the brightening properties of lemon extract to work, while reversing damage to give your locks an enviable shine. Apply as usual after shampooing and leave for a minute or so before rinsing to unveil your most vibrant blonde yet. 


Protect Your Locks Against Heat And Environmental Damage 

If you’re a regular user of heated styling products, or your tresses could simply do with some hydrating TLC, a spritz of our ALL BLONDE CONDITION AND SHIELD MIST goes a long way. Enviroshield and OptiPLEX™ technologies work together to banish frizz, protect against the elements and reverse damage. Spray generously over wet or dry hair and get ready to keep your favourite dirty blonde going stronger for longer. 


The perfect shade to experiment with as days get shorter and evenings get darker, flaunting dirty blonde hair is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons this autumn. Why not elevate your signature look even further and give our ALL BLONDE collection a go? Say goodbye to dull locks and supercharge your favourite dirty blonde hair colour.


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