Your Guide To Hair Mousse

Nov 6, 2021

Are you looking for serious volume? Knowing how to use hair mousse will help you to transform your tresses. Whether you’re after a hair mousse for men, curly hair or a way to add volume to icy blonde locks, we’ve got you covered with the best hair mousse for all hair types. 

What Is Hair Mousse?

Let’s start with the basics, what is hair mousse? If you’re looking for showstopping volume and lift, hair mousse is the styling essential you need in your life. Recognisable by its velvety foam texture, the best hair mousse will protect your tresses and tame frizz, while creating serious lift at the roots.


Best Hair Mousse

Whether you’ve got fine, flyaway hair or curls in need of some taming, using a hair mousse will give your tresses enviable bounce. 

How To Use Hair Mousse

For best results, always apply hair mousse on clean, damp hair. This allows the product to spread easily for a more even coverage.


Step 1: Wash

For maximum volume, we recommend washing your tresses with our XPANDER SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER before applying hair mousse. Infused with caffeine and ginseng, this hardworking shampoo and conditioner duo stimulates the scalp and hair follicle growth for extra thick locks. 


Step 2: Towel dry your freshly washed locks

After washing, use a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture so that your tresses are left damp but not dry.


Step 3: Apply

With your hair mousse in hand, shake the can well and hold it upside down to dispense. Apply evenly and comb through your locks to make sure that the product is evenly distributed.


If you’re struggling to choose the best hair mousse for you, our XPANDER FOAM is a great option. Offering heat protection up to 230˚ C, you can experience sky-high volume while protecting your tresses against frizz-causing heat damage.  


Step 4: Blow Dry

Once you’ve applied your hair mousse, blow dry your hair and style as desired to give your locks some serious height.


If you prefer to leave your hair to dry au naturel, apply your hair mousse in the same way before styling your signature look. Leave your locks to dry and you’ll have bigger, fuller hair in no time. But don’t just take our word for it, give it a go! The results really do speak volumes… 

How To Choose The Best Hair Mousse

With so many options out there, finding the best styling products can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Luckily, we’ve made it easy by narrowing down the best hair mousse for every style and length.


Best hair mousse claim


The Best Hair Mousse For Volume

With our XPANDER FOAM MOUSSE, you can forget any sticky hair mousse memories of old. This silky foam absorbs quickly to keep your signature look in place while still allowing for natural movement. Clever Fibre-Dense technology increases hair density to leave your locks looking thicker and fuller from root to tip. Its lightweight formula also makes our XPANDER FOAM MOUSSE the best hair mousse for curly hair, allowing it to create serious lift at the roots without weighing down your curls. 


The Best Hair Mousse For Blondes

Flaunting a cool icy blonde? We’ve got some good news! Our winning hair mousse is also available in a multitasking purple toning formula. FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE XPANDER FOAM contains violet pigments to banish brassy tones while building serious volume.


Boasting the same heat protective properties as our XPANDER FOAM, our purple toning hair mousse delivers your healthiest, brightest and bounciest blonde ever. 


A Hair Mousse For Men And Shorter Styles

Just because you’re sporting a shorter style doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the high-volume action. If your signature look is a pixie crop or you’re looking for a hair mousse for men, our ELEVATE POWDER creates the same enviable volume and lift in even the shortest of hairstyles.


Simply shake our volumising powder directly onto the roots and tease through with your fingers for a trim that looks instantly fuller and thicker. 


By finding the best hair mousse for you, you can say hello to bigger, bouncier and bolder locks. Once you know how to use hair mousse, your tresses can make a statement wherever you go.


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