Flaunt Gorgeous Golden Blonde Hair This Autumn

Nov 6, 2021

Whatever the weather, flaunting a bright blonde gold hair colour is certain to turn heads. However, when the sun goes M.I.A over the colder months, having golden blonde hair can really bring some much-needed vibrancy into your life. Luckily, knowing how to brighten blonde hair has never been easier thanks to our new blonde shampoo. Designed to take your blonde up a level, you’ll soon be rocking seriously enviable gold blonde hair, whatever your tone. 

What Is Blonde Gold Hair?

A dazzling golden blonde hair colour has long been a favourite among those who prefer a warm blonde look over the cool, icy tones distinctive of a platinum blonde. For those of you who are blessed with natural golden blonde hair – congratulations! You’ve saved yourself some serious salon time. However, if you’re looking to make the change to beautiful blonde gold hair this autumn, then it’s easily done with the addition of some shiny golden highlights.


Personally, we’re big fans of golden blonde hair. Its characteristic glossy warmth gives tresses showstopping shine and dimension. What’s not to love? 

How To Get Golden Blonde Hair

Whether you’re sporting naturally golden blonde hair or your colour comes from a bottle, you can make sure that you’re flaunting the boldest blonde gold hair in the business with these top tips and tricks.


1. Use A Brightening Shampoo For Blonde Gold Hair

Swapping out your usual shampoo for a brightening shampoo for blonde hair is a great way to boost your colour without having to add any extra steps into your hair care routine. Our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK and COLOUR BOOSTER shampoos, enriched with lemon extract, leave your hair beautifully clean and boast impressive brightening properties. A dose of our nourishing OptiPLEX™ technology combats damaged and dry tresses, leaving you with your shiniest locks yet.


gold blonde hair before and after


If you’re rocking dyed blonde gold hair, our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK SHAMPOO will help to preserve the potency of your favourite blonde, locking in your signature colour for up to 10 weeks.


For those of you with naturally golden blonde hair, our ALL BLONDE COLOUR BOOSTER SHAMPOO lifts and lightens dull blonde tones, allowing you to flaunt seriously dazzling tresses.


2. Don’t Skip The Brightening Blonde Conditioner

The perfect companion to either of our ALL BLONDE SHAMPOOS, our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK CONDITIONER will keep golden blonde hair healthy and looking its very brightest. Enriched with lemon extract and OptiPLEX™ technology, this blonde conditioner envelops every strand in colour-protecting goodness to promote vibrancy and leave your locks with an enviable shine.


3. Use Heat Protector To Keep Blonde Gold Hair Brighter For Longer

It’s the characteristic silky sheen of golden blonde hair that makes it such a distinctive look. To keep your locks protected and looking glossy, you should consider using a heat protector spray.


When it comes to protective hair treatments, our ALL BLONDE CONDITION AND SHIELD MIST is a real multi-tasker. Boasting powerful Enviroshield technology, this luxurious mist protects against heat and environmental damage, keeps your locks looking brighter for longer, and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. Trust us, it’s a gamechanger if you’re looking to make blonde gold hair your signature style.


And voila! Knowing how to get golden blonde hair really is as easy as that. With these 3 simple steps, you can flaunt you biggest, best and brightest blonde gold hair for longer. What are you waiting for? 


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