How To Find The Best Shampoo For Your Hair

How To Find The Best Shampoo For Your Hair

Take it from us, finding the right shampoo can mean the difference between dry, lacklustre hair and luscious, healthy-looking locks. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right hair cleanser for you and explore the best shampoos for dry, damaged, fine, thick, straight, curly, blonde and brunette hair.  

How To Choose The Best Shampoo 

Step 1: Determine Your Scalp Type 

Shampoo is made to just wash your hair, right? Wrong! Filled with nourishing, hydrating and balancing ingredients, shampoos also care for your scalp and roots. So, always take your scalp health into account when choosing a shampoo.  

  • Oily scalp: Look for keywords like volumising, strengthening and balancing on your bottle. You won’t need as much moisture as dry scalps.  
  • Dry scalp: You need a shampoo that moisturises, smooths and hydrates.  

Step 2: Assess Your Hair Type 

You wouldn’t buy a face cream without knowing your skin type first. Well, the same applies to your hair. To define your hair type, assess: 

  • Its thickness: When you hold a single strand of hair between your fingers, how easily can you feel it? Barely there? You have fine hair! Distinctly noticeable? It’s on the thicker side.  
  • Its shape: Is your hair straight, wavy or curly? 
  • Its health: Does your hair feel dry, brittle or damaged? Does it lack shine? 

Step 3: Know What To Look For 

Now that you’ve assessed your scalp and hair type, here’s how to find the best shampoo for you: 

  • Fine hair: Opt for volumising shampoos that make hair look thicker and denser, while strengthening too. 
  • Thick hair: Lightweight shampoos that add hydration and shine without adding extra weight are best. 
  • Straight hair: We recommend a smoothing shampoo that helps to seal the cuticle and prevent frizz. 
  • Wavy or curly hair: You need a hydrating shampoo that reduces frizz without weighing down the curl.  
  • Dry hair: Look for moisturising formulas that gently cleanse without over-drying.  
  • Damaged, brittle or colour-treated hair: Strengthening and fortifying shampoos are best, as they help to repair and revive, while preventing future breakage.  

Step 4: Take Our Quiz 

Still struggling to find the best shampoo for you? Why not take our quiz? Tell us your hair colour, type and goals, and we’ll recommend the perfect shampoo 




Shop Our Favourite Shampoos 

  1. Best Shampoo For Dry Hair 
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    Best Shampoo For Dry Hair 

    Fudge LUMINIZER MOISTURE BOOST SHAMPOO is ideal for dry, thick, wavy and curly hair. 


    Formulated with a featherlight micellar oil complex and our unique Opti-PLEX™ technology, this shampoo for dry hair gently cleanses, illuminates and strengthenswhile providing 48 hours of weightless hydration. Expect hair to feel stronger and smoother, and look shinier and healthier.  

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  2. Best Shampoo For Damaged Hair 
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    Best Shampoo For Damaged Hair 

    Fudge DAMAGE REWIND RECONSTRUCTING SHAMPOO is perfect for straight, damaged, brittle, bleached and colour-treated hair. 


    Powered by our repairing Opti-PLEX™ technology, this shampoo for damaged hair leaves strands 95% stronger, 8 times smoother and twice as soft. It penetrates deep into the hair core to reconstruct bonds after chemical, colour, styling and environmental damage, while smoothing the cuticle. Damage? What damage?  

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  3. Best Hair Thickening Shampoo 
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    Best Hair Thickening Shampoo 

    Fudge XPANDER GELEE SHAMPOO is created for fine hair that lacks volume. 


    Want to give your hair more body in an instant? We might be biased, but we think our XPANDER GELEE SHAMPOO is the best hair thickening shampoo! Formulated with caffeine and ginseng to help stimulate the scalp and hair follicle growth, it makes hair look 180% thicker, for all day volume. Expect touchably soft fullness after just one wash.  

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  4. Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair 
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    Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair 

    Fudge EVERYDAY CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND PURPLE TONING SHAMPOO works its magic on both natural and dyed blonde hair. 


    Want to maintain your salon-fresh blonde colour without over toning? Then you’ll love our Everyday purple shampoo! Designed for daily use (or every time you wash your hair), it gradually removes yellow tones to keep brassiness at bay. It’s also infused with our strengthening Opti-PlEX™ technology to repair chemical and thermal damage. It’s the easiest way to keep your blonde colour looking fresh and vibrant for longer! 

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  5. Best Purple Shampoo  
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    Best Purple Shampoo  

    Fudge CLEAN BLONDE DAMAGE REWIND PURPLE TONING SHAMPOO is a weekly toning treatment that keeps brassiness at bay.


    For a powerful toning effect that instantly erases yellow tones, you can’t beat this purple shampoo. It contains salon-strength purple micro-pigments that knock out brassy tones, as well as our unique Opti-PlEX™ technology that penetrates deep into the hair’s core to reconstruct bonds after chemical, styling and environmental damage. Expect stronger, softer and smoother hair that looks blonder than blonde!  

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  6. Best Shampoo For Brunettes 
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    Best Shampoo For Brunettes 

    Fudge COOL BRUNETTE BLUE TONING SHAMPOO is a blue shampoo for brunettes.


    Looking to achieve your coolest, smoothest brunette hair yet? This blue shampoo is formulated with max-strength blue micro-pigments to instantly knock out unwanted red and orange tones from brunette tresses, for a deeper, cooler shade. It also boasts our Opti-PLEX™ technology to help repair and revive hair after chemical, styling and environmental damage.  


    Fudge TipThis shampoo for brunettes shouldn’t be used on lightened hair that has highlights or a balayage.  

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