Wax vs Gel: What’s The Difference?

Oct 6, 2021

Thanks to their versatility and impressive texture-giving abilities, hair gel and hair wax for men are always popular choices when it comes to men’s styling. Not sure where your loyalties lie in the hair wax vs gel debate? No need to stress, we’ve made finding your favourite men’s styling product easy with our guide to the best hair gel and wax for men. 

Hair Wax Vs Gel: What’s The Difference? 

The main difference between wax and gel is the level of hold and the finish that each offers. Depending on the look you’re after, you might find that you’re better suited to one over the other. 


What Does Hair Wax Do? 

If an effortlessly undone look is your signature style, using a wax for men can help to keep your trim in check all day without it looking like you’ve had to try.  


It varies depending on formula, but generally hair wax offers a light to medium hold. As it doesn’t dry on the hair, hair wax can be remoulded throughout the day for a soft, natural look.


What Does Hair Gel Do? 

Hair gel offers an extra strong hold that sets to a solid, wet-look finish. For spiky styles, a slicked back trim or a sleek side parting, hair gel is the way to go. 


With a hair gel, you can rest assured that your standout style won’t budge.

The Best Hair Wax For Men 

At Fudge, we have two of the best men’s hair waxes in the game. Both create a different finish so that you can stay true to your own personal style. 


hair wax for men


Semi-Matte Wax For Men: FUDGE HAIR SHAPER 

Our texturising HAIR SHAPER boasts a hybrid wax cream formula that creates the ultimate lived-in, semi-matte look with medium hold. Ideal for short to mid-length styles, this wax for men texturises, moulds and shapes hair, leaving you ready to turn heads for all the right reasons. 



Matte Wax For Men: FUDGE MATTE HED 

If you prefer a totally matte, dry finish then our MATTE HED hair wax for men is the way to go. Its firm-hold formula keeps hair tamed, while creating enviable volume and texture. Trust us, once you’ve tried it, you won’t look back. 




How To Use Hair Wax For Men 

When you’ve got your FUDGE SHAPER or MATTE HED wax to hand, the rest is easy. For seriously good results, always apply wax to clean, dry hair. Simply rub the wax together between your palms and distribute evenly through the hair. Style as desired and get ready to cause some major trim envy. 


The Best Hair Gel For Men: FUDGE HAIR GUM  

Our HAIR GUM gel for men is about as strong as styling products get. With this high shine, extreme hold gel, you won’t have a hair out of place all day. Whether you’re sporting a wet-look short hairstyle or looking to give longer hair extra support, this gel keeps you in complete control of your trim. 


How To Use Hair Gel For Men 

Good things come in small doses where our super strong hair gel is concerned. Apply sparingly to dry hair and comb through to create your desired style. Alternatively, if you’re after a cool wet-look finish, work the gel through damp hair and you’ll be good to go. 


Now that your hair wax vs gel questions are answered, you’re ready to experiment and create your coolest look yet. Give it a go and take your trim up a level with our Fudge hair gel and wax for men. 

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