Go Bold or Go Home: Fudge Paintbox

Apr 6, 2021

Looking to freshen up your look over lockdown? You’re in luck! Your favourite Fudge Paintbox semi-permanent hair dyes are back in stock. We’ve got 10 fabulous colours that we’re *dyeing* for you to try! Ready? Let’s get creative …

About Fudge Paintbox

Fudge Paintbox is our iconic semi-permanent hair dye that coats your locks in a vibrant shade for up to 30 washes. Effortless to use, it’s the easiest way to flaunt a new hair colour when salons are closed.


fudge paintbox

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  • Endless Colour Choices: There are 10 fabulous Paintbox shades for you to choose from. Plus, you can mix the shades together to create even more hues (more on that below!).
  • Instant ColourWith Fudge Paintbox, you can switch up your look in 30 minutes or less.
  • No mixing requiredThanks to its ammonia and peroxide-free formula, this semipermanent hair dye can be applied straight away without pre-mixing or developing.
  • Long-Lasting: Your enviable hair colour whttps://uk.uk.fudgeprofessional.com8ill last up to 30 washes. What’s not to love?

Choose Your Shade…

If you’re looking to mix up your look and have some funFudge Paintbox should be your go-to. You’re spoilt for choice with our 10 vivid shades:

  • Lilac Frost: You’re cool, but you can be even cooler with our Frosty Lilac shade. Creating a seriously icy and vibrant finish, this lilac hair dye is perfect for blonde and lightened hair.
  • Coral Blush: You’ll be pretty in pink thanks to our coral hair dyeA gorgeous peachy hue with cool undertones, it looks great on blondes.
  • Purple People: Suitable for darker toned locks, this deep purple semi-permanent hair dye brings all the sass.
  • Chasing Blue: Chase the blues away with a deep blue shade that makes you look good and feel even better.
  • Raspberry Beret: Get fruity with our Raspberry Beret shadeIt’s the perfect burgundy colour to transition from Winter to Spring.
  • Turquoise DaysWho says you have to play by the rules? Flaunt turquoise for days with this vibrant blue hair dye.
  • Pink Riot: Go all out with Pink Riot. This shiny, bright pink hair dye is guaranteed to steal the show!
  • Red Corvette: Ready to get fired up? This deep red colour is sure to turn some heads.
  • Gold Coast: Dreaming of a holiday on the beach? Bring the sunshine to you with this bright and bold yellow hue.
  • Whiter Shade Of Pale: This incredible semi permanent hair dye helps to tone blonde hair, creating a cool icy finish. It can also be added to the other Paintbox shades to create a light, pastel shade.


… Or Create Your Customised Colour

The best thing about Fudge Paintbox? You can mix different shades together to create your customised colour. Need a little inspo? Check out our guide below…


Fudge Paintbox

How To Use Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

We have a sneaky feeling that you’re going to love just how easy Fudge Paintbox is to use!

  • Before you start, shampoo and carefully towel dry your hair.
  • Put on some gloves!
  • Apply your chosen Paintbox colour onto your locks (or the mix you’ve created), then carefully comb the semi permanent hair dye through to distribute evenly. Be sure to keep the scalp and exposed skin clean.
  • To ensure a vibrant shade, cover your locks with a plastic cap.
  • Allow the colour to develop for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well with warm water until the water runs clear.
  • Condition your hair as usual.
  • Enjoy your fresh, fun locks!

Fudge TipFor an even more vibrant pop of colour, we recommend bleaching or lightening your locks first, especially if you have dark hair.


fudge paintbox how to use

How Often Should I Use Fudge Paintbox 

Depending on your hair type, Fudge Paintbox usually lasts 3 to 30 washes. However, if you have porous, blonde hair your colour may last longer. We recommend topping up no more than once every two weeks.


Fudge Tip: To help your colour last longer, use our reconstructing DAMAGE REWIND SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. Enriched with our strengthening Opti-PLEX™ technology, it helps your colour to stay vibrant and shiny for longer.


Fudge Paintbox is the hero hair dye you need to colour your tresses at home – trust us! Explore the full Fudge Paintbox range on our website.


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