Pomade vs Clay: What’s The Difference?

Sep 6, 2021

With a huge range of waxes, gels, pomades, and clays to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which men’s styling products to use. While you no doubt know the difference between hair waxes and gels, hair clays and pomades may leave you a little stumped. Put simply, there’s no winner in the hair pomade vs clay debate. The best product to use depends on hair type and the style that you want to create! 


We talk you through the difference between clay and pomade styling products and advise on the best pomades for hair and hair clays for men so that you can keep your signature trim firmly in check. 

What’s The Difference Between Clay And Pomade? 

The major difference between clay and pomade styling products for men is the finish and the strength of hold that they give. 


What Is Hair Pomade? 

Pomades for hair typically create a high shine look with a medium to strong hold in short to mid-length hair. They’re the ideal styling product to use if you’re after a retro style or sculpted contemporary look. If you’re using a pomade, you can be sure that your trim will stay firmly in place all day. 


pomade vs clay


What Is Hair Clay? 

Hair clays are very versatile, adding volume and texture to both long and short styles. A hair clay contains naturally occurring clays (who’d have guessed?!), such as bentonite and kaolin, that nourish the scalp while holding hair in place. Offering a natural-looking matte finish, hair clay for men is great for creating an artfully undone look.


pomade vs clay

Pomade vs Clay: Which Should I Use? 

Fudge Pomades For Hair 

For a high-shine look and medium hold


If you’re looking for serious shine with a medium-strength hold, our FUDGE VINYL POMADE  is the ultimate hair pomade for men. Whether you prefer a retro slicked-back look or a contemporary sculpted style, our versatile pomade will smooth your signature hairstyle into shape. A nourishing infusion of coconut oil delivers condition and shine, so you don’t have to choose between hold and hydration. 


Apply a coin-sized amount of pomade to dry hair and comb through to create your desired look. After a minute or so of drying time, you’ll be sporting a high-shine style that’s certain to stand out for all the right reasons. 


Fudge Hair Clays 

For a seriously matte look and extra hold


When it comes to the best hair claysFUDGE MATTE HED EXTRA is unbeatable. Our extra high hold hair clay for men boasts a nourishing blend of kaolin and bentonite clays to absorb excess oil and moisture for an extra dry, enviably matte finish. Its impressive formula utilises polymers and waxes to coat the hair and hold your signature trim in place, even in the highest humidity.


To use, pump into your palms, distribute evenly through hair and style as desired. Fully recyclable packaging means that you can look good with a clear conscience too – sounds pretty good to us!


Fudge Tip: While MATTE HED EXTRA is the go-to product for building texture and definition in short styles, our FUDGE MATTE HED is the ultimate styling product for slightly longer hair if you’re after a softer look.



Now that you know the difference between men’s pomades for hair and hair clay for men, you can choose the best product for you. Turn heads with a signature look that stays put all day! 


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