The Power Of Purple: Fudge Violet Shampoo And Toning Essentials

Apr 6, 2020

Calling all blondes (natural or coloured)! Have you heard about purple shampoo? This violet-tinted hair cleanser is the ultimate product to keep your cool, blonde colour looking fresh and vibrant. If you haven’t used one before – keep reading, you’re about to discover the benefits of purple shampoo…

How Does Purple Shampoo Work?  

Purple Shampoo

Trust us when we say that purple shampoo is about to revolutionise your blonde hair colour. As purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour spectrum, the purple pigment in purple shampoo draws out the yellow brassiness from your blonde, neutralises those unwanted tones, and makes your colour look cooler, healthier and more vibrant.  

What Are The Benefits Of Purple Shampoo 

It Tones Your Hair  

Want enviable blonde hair? Then purple shampoo is an absolute necessity. As it erases yellow tones in just one use, it’s the easiest way of keeping your blonde looking fresh.


It Works Instantly   

With just one use of purple shampoo, you’ll notice that your hair looks brighter and less brassy. Unwanted yellow tones? Gone!


It Extends The Time Between Hairdresser Trips 

The salon is the best place to go to refresh your colour but it takes time, money and commitment. So why not maintain and enhance your statement hair colour at home? Purple shampoo helps to do just that. By keeping your blonde cooled-toned and fresh, it increases the time between salon visits.

How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo?  

Whilst purple shampoo does cleanse your hair, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t replace your regular shampoo. As a general rule, you only need to use purple shampoo once or twice a week. If you use it too often, it can encourage grey tones in your hair (and no one wants that!).


Fudge TipTo make the most of your shampoo, you should always read the pack instructions carefully to ensure you’re doing everything right and leaving it to works its magic for the right amount of time. Oh, and we’d recommend wearing gloves too!

Who Can Use Purple Shampoo?   

Brunettes, listen up! Whilst purple shampoo works wonders on blonde hair, it can benefit your tresses too. If you have blonde, grey or lighter undertones in your hair, then our Clean Blonde range will help to erase those unwanted hues.  


However, if it’s warmer, orange and red tones that you want to wash out, then opt for our Cool Brunette Blue Toning range.  


Fudge TipMake sure you know which undertones you’re looking to erase. Using our Cool Brunettes range on blonde, grey and lighter tones may turn your hair colour green.  

The Best Purple Hair Products 

Fudge Purple Shampoo Trio

We love to reverse blonde woes! So, we’ve created the ultimate superheroes for preserving that head-turning, jaw-dropping blonde that defines your look.


Restore Blonde Hair With Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo And Conditioner 

We know how damaging bleach and lightening products can be, so we combined our iconic Clean Blonde formula with our Damage Rewind technology to create a groundbreaking combo shampoo and conditionerThey’re recommended by 97% of UK hairdressers – and we can’t say we’re surprised!   

  • Neutralising violet pigment and proteins instantly remove brassy yellow tones 
  • Hydrating Guarana cleanses and refreshes your hair 
  • FragranceFuse™ technology infuses each strand of hair with an explosion of fragrance that lasts for 24 hours 
  • Opti-Plex™ technology repairs your hair, making it stronger and healthier 

Use the toning shampoo and conditioner together and you’ll achieve your best blonde yet. 


“Clean Blonde Damage Rewind is genius. Pairing the amazing benefits of damage rewind with the toning effects of clean blonde, it is the difference between good and great hair.”

@Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Global Brand Ambassador


Tone And Protect From Heat With Our Violet Tri-Blo 

For the ultimate hair toning experience, though, we’d recommend pairing your shampoo and conditioner with our purple heat protection spray, Violet Tri-BloNot only will it help erase those brassy, yellow tones, but it will create an invisible shield around your tresses that protects them from temperatures up to 230°C whilst you blow dry and style your hair. Simply apply it onto your damp hair before drying it with heat, and it will leave your locks feeling stronger and smoother.  


Fudge Tip: If your hair looks a little brassy but you’re not ready to wash it again, spray the Violet Tri-Blo onto the areas that still have a yellow undertone to refresh your colour.  


Tone And Add Volume With Our Violet Xpander Foam 

What’s the point in having a cool, bright blonde hair colour if your tresses look flat and lifeless? That’s why we’ve added purple toning to our cult hair mousse to create the Clean Blonde Violet Xpander FoamIt combines Fibre-Dense Technology to increase your hair density by 180%, whilst also knocking out brassy yellow tones. It’s the secret to your brightest and most volumised blonde 


Trust us, purple shampoo is the hero product you need for a brass-free blonde!


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