These Blue Shampoo Results Will Amaze You

Sep 6, 2021

Have unwanted orange tones got you feeling blue? We’ve got some good news! You can say goodbye to brassy brunette woes for good by using a Fudge blue shampoo. Yep, it’s the secret weapon you need to keep slaying your signature colour in style. Not convinced? Our impressive blue shampoo before and after images will put your mind at ease…  

What Is Blue Shampoo? 

Blue shampoo is a multi-tasking cleanser and toner for fully brunette tresses. Whether your brunette is a natural phenomenon or a salon secret, using a blue shampoo can work wonders in neutralising unwanted red and orange undertones.  


How does it work, you ask? No longer a secret guarded by salon professionals, clever colour wheel technology means that the blue micro-pigments in our FUDGE COOL BRUNETTE BLUE SHAMPOO effectively cancel out any unwanted brassiness. By washing your hair with blue shampoo just once a week, you’ll be the coolest brunette on the block.  



Blue Shampoo Before And After 

If you need convincing, the proof really is in the pudding with our impressive blue shampoo before and after images. 



Like what you see? Give it a go and create your own showstopping blue shampoo before and after results with FUDGE COOL BRUNETTE BLUE TONING SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER. Using a toning shampoo helps your signature shade last longer between salon appointments, so you can keep turning heads for longer. 


Our FUDGE COOL BRUNETTE BLUE TONING SHAMPOO instantly banishes dreaded red and orange tones while our unique OPTI-PLEX™ technology nourishes deeply to reconstruct and repair environmental, heat and styling damage. Available in a neat travel size too, the days of having to put up with brassy brunette are over. 



To take your toning to the next level, we always recommend using COOL BRUNETTE BLUE TONING CONDITIONER alongside your blue shampoo for head-turning results. Prepare for cooler, deeper and stronger locks. 

How To Use Blue Shampoo 

Impressed by our blue shampoo before and after images? To get your own enviable results, follow our simple guide to using blue shampoo for brass-free brunette hair. The salon-strength pigments in our blue shampoo mean that you only have to use it once a week for the ultimate cool brunette. Be warned, using any more frequently may risk over-toning your tresses. 


Step 1: Gloves On 

The blue micro-pigments in our shampoo for brunettes can occasionally stain hands, so we recommend putting gloves on to be on the safe side. 


Step 2: Apply 

Lather FUDGE COOL BRUNETTE BLUE TONING SHAMPOO between your palms before applying to wet hair. Massage from root to tip, concentrating on particularly brassy areas. 


Step 3: Leave It! 

Leave your shampoo for up to a minute before rinsing, depending on how toned you want your hair to be. If you’re after a subtle toning, rinse immediately, but if you want more impactful results, leave for the full 60 seconds. 


Step 4: Condition 

You should never skip on conditioning, even when using a toning shampoo. Luckily, the Fudge COOL BRUNETTE BLUE TONING CONDITIONER is the perfect partner to our COOL BRUNETTE SHAMPOO for some serious brass-busting. Simply apply through the mid-length and ends, leave for a minute, then rinse for the ultimate cool brunette. 


Now that you’re well on your way to forgetting your brassy brunette woes, get ready to create your own blue shampoo before and after. Trust us, your hair will thank us later!

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