Your Recipe For Enviably Thicker Hair

how to get thicker hair

News flash: if you have naturally fine hair, you can’t physically grow thicker hair. Don’t despair, though! You do have an advantage: people with fine-textured hair actually have more strands on their scalp. So, with the right styling tools, you can turn your fine hair into the head-turning, voluminous mane you’re looking for. Keep reading to discover how to get thicker hair with our 8 top tips. 

How To Get Thicker Hair Tip 1: Use A Volumising Shampoo  

The best shampoo for fine hair will add body, volume and bounce, so look for formulas with terms like ‘thickening’, ‘volumising’ or ‘lightweight’. These should give your hair more body in a single wash!


Our Xpander Gelee Shampoo, for example, is infused with caffeine, ginseng and our unique Opti-PLEX™ technology to help stimulate follicle growth and strengthen your hair. The result? Hair looks fuller and more voluminous, and feels light and airy.


Fudge Tip: Keeping hair clean and the scalp healthy is particularly important if you have fine or thinning hair, as the build-up of dirt and oils can weigh the hair down. Cleanse every 2 days for fuller-looking tresses.

How To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Tip 2: Avoid Heavy Conditioners  

You don’t need us to tell you that conditioner is essential to maintain strong and healthy hair. However, the thick, creamy formula can weigh your strands down or make them too soft to hold any style. The solution? Opt for a lightweight yet strengthening conditioner that prevents breakage while adding volume too. 


Why not try our Xpander Whip Conditioner? This thickening conditioner is formulated with our Fibre-Dense and Opti-PLEX™ technologies to make hair look fuller without any frizz. The result? Tresses are 180% thicker, 80% stronger and have double the bounce. You’re going to love it! 

How To Get Thicker Hair Tip 3: Fill In Your Roots 

You’ve no doubt heard of using root powders to conceal overgrown and grey roots, but did you know that they can also create the illusion of thicker and denser hair? That’s right! Apply a touch of powder that matches your natural colour along your parting where the scalp can be seen. Trust us, it will make such a difference!


Our Root Touch Up Powders boast micro-pigmented particles that instantly deliver discreet, natural-looking coverage. Apply using the integrated brush for thicker-looking roots.  

How To Get Thick Hair Fast Tip 4: Apply A Texturising Spray 

When your fine hair looks flat and limp, try using a texture spray. It can do wonders for your tresses, adding texture and body without weighing the hair down.


Our Texture Spray is a lightweight mist that adds volume and hold for a natural, dishevelled style. Turn your head upside down and spritz directly onto the roots, then work in with your fingertips to add body.


Fudge Tip: If you don’t have a texture spray at hand, use a dry shampoo instead. It will create that second-day ragged effect that you’re after. 

How To Make Thin Hair Look Thick Tip 5: Try A Hair Thickener 

If you struggle with thinning hair, thickening gel is your best bet to make hair look fuller.


Our XXl Hair Thickener is perfect for those who are skinny on top. It boasts heat-activated plumping polymers that attach themselves onto individual hair strands to create an overall fuller and thicker-looking head of hair. Smooth through wet hair and blast with a hairdryer to activate. Then, admire your thicker-looking hair!

How To Get Thick Hair Fast Tip 6: Use Hair Mousse  

When it comes to remedying limp-looking tresses, hair mousse is your new BFF. It adds serious volume instantly. Simply apply an egg-sized amount onto damp hair from roots to ends


Our Xpander Foam is a non-sticky, lightweight volumising hair mousse that visibly increases hair density by up to 180%, making your tresses look and feel fuller from root-to-tip. Plus, it offers heat protection up to 230˚C to protect hair when blow drying. You just can’t go wrong!


Fudge Tip: To add volume and tone your blonde hair, why not try our Purple Xpander Foam? It offers all of the volumising benefits of our normal Xpander Foam while instantly knocking out brassy yellow tones. Expect hair to look blonder, fuller and thicker! 

How To Get Thicker Hair Tip 7: Plump Up Your Roots 

Hair often looks particularly fine and flat when it lies limply on your scalp. So why not apply a thickening powder to your roots to add volume from the top down?


Our Elevate Hair Powder is a lightweight volumising powder that instantly adds body and texture to fine hair without needing to backcomb. Dispense onto your roots, then tease through with your fingers.  

How To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Tip 8Backcomb Your Hair  

To backcomb, take a small inch wide section of hair, then insert a fine-tooth comb on the underside and gently brush the hairs towards your head. Repeat until you’ve achieved your desired volume, then hairspray the section. Repeat on the top layers of your hair. Finish by brushing the hair normally to create a smooth finish and conceal the teasing beneath.


Our Skyscraper hairspray is the perfect tool to create this iconic look. It can easily be layered without over-loading the hair, and brushes out effortlessly.  

Try the above 8 tips to find the hair thickening method that works best for you, or explore our full range of haircare for fine hair on our website. 


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