Maintain Your Strawberry Blonde Between Salon Trips

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From Nicole Kidman to Kate Winslet, the strawberry blonde hall of fame is home to some pretty iconic members. However, when it comes to keeping strawberry blonde hair fresh between appointments, keeping dull tresses at bay can be a challenge. Luckily, our brightening tips on how to lighten blonde hair will help you to maintain your iconic hair colour for longer, helping to stretch out time between salon appointments and keep your signature style looking its very best.

What Does Strawberry Blonde Hair Look Like?

Identifiable by its distinctive blend of warm red and honey blonde shades, there’s a strawberry blonde hair colour for everyone. Natural blondes may favour a lighter strawberry blonde, while brunettes can still be part of the action with the addition of some warm blonde and red highlights.


This blend of warm and coppery hues creates enviable dimension and depth, which is part of the reason why strawberry blonde hair is such a sought-after shade. 

How To Get Strawberry Blonde Hair

From a strawberry blonde balayage to a few well-placed highlights, there are many ways to get strawberry blonde hair, and your salon stylist can advise on the best method and shade for your hair and skin tone.


Whether you’re a natural strawberry blonde, or your colour is due to some well-spent salon time, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you flaunt your best and brightest colour.


1. Use A Brightening Shampoo For Strawberry Blonde Hair

The secret to maintaining a seriously good strawberry blonde is to use a colour-protecting and brightening shampoo. When it comes to finding a shampoo that suits all shades of blonde, our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK SHAMPOO is a great place to start. Lemon extract works to promote brighter, shinier tresses while locking in colour for up to 10 weeks to preserve the potency of your strawberry blonde.


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If you’re lucky enough to be flaunting natural strawberry blonde tresses, give our ALL BLONDE COLOUR BOOSTER SHAMPOO a go. Boasting the same lemon extract-infused formula, this brightening blonde hair shampoo boosts your hair’s natural shine and banishes dull tresses. At the same time, our clever OptiPLEX™ technology makes sure that your locks look and feel their healthiest. 

2. Find A Conditioner That Boosts Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

Whether your strawberry blonde hair is natural or the result of a salon visit, conditioning is an essential step in any haircare routine. Conditioner keeps your tresses feeling hydrated and healthy, and looking brighter and shinier.


Our ALL BLONDE COLOUR LOCK CONDITIONER deeply nourishes while enveloping your tresses in colour-protecting action, helping to lock in strawberry blonde hair dye for longer. At the same time, this lemon extract-enriched formula helps to brighten even natural strawberry blonde hair, leaving your locks looking healthier and brighter for longer. 

3. Spritz Strawberry Blonde Tresses With Heat Protector Spray

Damaged hair looks dull, dry and loses its shine, so using a heat protector spray is essential for keeping your tresses looking their best. Luckily for all you strawberry blondes, our ALL BLONDE CONDITION AND SHIELD MIST is a real multi-tasker. 

Offering serious heat protection, taming frizz, adding shine, and nourishing locks, is there anything our blonde hair heat protector spray can’t do? A generous spritz of ALL BLONDE MIST over wet or dry tresses will hydrate, restore and defend, helping to promote the longevity of your strawberry blonde hair colour.


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Equipped with a little know-how and the right blonde hair products, there’s no reason why you can’t keep your favourite strawberry blonde going stronger for longer between salon visits. From sassy strawberry blonde hair to golden honey tones, our ALL BLONDE range is designed with warm blonde tresses in mind, helping you to keep your signature shade looking brighter and bolder.  


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