What Is Hair Toning? The Secret To Brass-Free Hair

hair toning

If you dream of having clean blonde hair or cool brunette tones, but constantly struggle with yellow and orange brassiness, then listen up. We’ve found your secret weapon to keep slaying those gorgeous, sleek-looking tresses that define your lookhair toning 


Not sure what hair toning is, how it works or how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this guide… 

How Does Hair Toning Work? 

Toned Blonde Hair

Bad news for the wannabe blondes out there: unless you have naturally very light hair, your tresses will have warm, yellow pigments in them. Likewise, naturally deep, dark brown hair has warm orange and red pigments in it. It is those pigments that are responsible for the unflattering undertones in your hair and can make both natural and died tresses look brassy (yes, even if you bleach!). That’s where hair toning comes in.  


You see, hair toning works to change those brassy undertones. It won’t entirely alter your natural hair colour, but it will manipulate the shade and instantly wipe out those unwanted yellow or orange and red tones. It’s the key to a shinier, healthier and more-natural-looking shade that will definitely turn some heads. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Toning? 

Enhances Your Colour 

Toning really is the best way to preserve your unique look! By neutralising unwanted undertones, it breathes new life into your colour, making it look cooler and brighter with added oomph.  


Fudge Tip: for brighter, healthier colour, always follow the instructions on your hair toning products. 


Increases Time Between Salon Visits 

Let’s face it, whilst a trip to the hair salon is always fun (we love a good shampoo head massage!), it can be expensive and time consuming. Hair toning, however, keeps your colour fresher for longer, so you don’t need to have your hair bleached or dyed as often. 


Strengthens Your Hair 

Choose the right toning product and it can also strengthen your locks, repair damage and add shine to your hair, making your whole mane look fuller and healthier, with an added dimension of colour.  


Fudge TipThe unique opti-PLEX™ technology in our haircare products does just that *wink wink*.  


“When it comes to maintaining your hair colour, toning is essential. You’ll be surprised how much longer your colour stays looking its best.”

@Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Global Brand Ambassador 


Who Can Benefit From Hair Toning? 

Hair toning isn’t just for the sassy blondes out there, it can do wonders for brunette, grey and multi-tonal hair with highlights or a balayage too. All you need to do is choose the right toning product to neutralise your existing colour (more on that below), leave it on for the right amount of time to banish those unwanted tones, and bring out that gorgeous depth in your colour that you want to see.

What Are The Best Hair Toning Products? 

best hair toning products


The easiest way of erasing brassy tones and freshening your colour is by using a toning shampoo and conditioner once a week, then topping up with violet-tinted styling products.


For Sassy Blondes 

Forget about blonde envy. You can achieve your best blonde yet thanks to purple shampoo. Our Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo knocks out brassiness in an instant. The violet pigments cancel out those yellow tones and switch up your colour for a cool, brighter blonde. Oh, and it cleanses your hair too! All you need to do is lather it evenly through wet hair (make sure you use gloves!) – leave it in for 1 minute to banish brassy tones, or up to 5 minutes for a cool, icy blonde. Quick warning though, the longer you leave it in, the more it will take on a grey tint.


Fudge Tip: To maximise the benefits, you’ll always want to use your purple shampoo with purple conditioner. Our Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Conditioner has all the toning benefits of the shampoo, whilst also making your tresses stronger and healthier thanks to our opti-PLEX™ technology.  

For Bold Brunettes 

If your deep, cool and shiny brown hair is being washed out by orange and red tones, fear no more! Our Cool Brunette Blue Toning Shampoo and Conditioner work together to instantly erase those unwanted tones and strengthen your hair with opti-PLEX™ technology. Maintain that stunning brunette colour that makes you stand out from the crowd! All you need to do is lather it evenly through your wet hair (make sure you wear gloves) and leave for up to 2 minutes for maximum results. 


Fudge Tip: Our Cool Brunettes range should also be used those who have naturally deep, dark brown hair. If you have blonde highlights, balayage, or grey roots, you should use our Clean Blonde shampoo as this will tone both the lighter hair and your brunette colour 

For A Quick Touch Up 

If you need to tone your hair in between washes or you notice areas that could do with a little extra helping hand to erase brassy tones, then reach for our Violet Tri-BloAll you need to do is spritz it onto whichever area you want to target and it will refresh your colour, erasing those yellow undertones. 


Fudge Tip: It works as a heat protector too! Spritz it onto damp hair before blowing drying, and it will shield your tresses from temperatures up to 230°C.   


For Serious Volume 

Looking to tone your hair and add some serious volume too? Our Clean Blonde Violet Xpander Foam allows you to erase brassy yellow tones, whilst also increasing your hair density by 180%, thanks to its Fibre-Dense Technology. Simply comb it through your damp hair before blow drying and you’ll have your brightest and most volumised blonde yet. 

Say goodbye to brassiness, you’ve just cracked the secrets to clean blonde hair and cool brunette tones


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